Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Put your feet up, have a rest!!!

I would love to say we are a keen cycling family, but it would be an exaggeration. 
We do enjoy cycling but it always involves 'getting the bikes out of the garage'. This can be difficult and very stressful (the garage is full of stuff and spiders)

Preston has nearly finished a 21 mile cycle path around the city, The Guild Wheel.
On Saturday the weather looked OK, so with two bikes in the boot and two on the back of the car we set off.

With a rucksack full of waterproofs and a small boy attached to the back of my bike I didn't manage many photos. After doing some of the guild wheel we cut across the city along the canal and back to the car.

In total we did 11.5 miles. With a few snack stops and one pigeon rescued from the canal, we where all ready to get back to the car.

Hopefully I will have some crafty projects to show you when the weather improves enough to take some photos!!

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