Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June over too soon

Wow, June is nearly over!

I've spent a lot of time out and about, walking the dog.

Trying to hit 10000 steps a day.

And trying to socialize the Pup!
(she really liked the sheep, in a licking her lips sort of way)

Penny really can walk and walk, maybe I should attached the Fitbit to her collar. . . . . 

Also this month we had a Royal visit, not really Royal but close. . . . 

Penny dressed for the occasion with her Swedish Flag Bandana and
she thoroughly enjoyed meeting our friends.

So onto July, we have several Birthdays, a summer concert, a summer play, sports day, college taster days, a university graduation and my baby boy finishes primary school !!!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Half Term Fun - The final instalment.

Rainy days out are never quite as good as sunny ones, but with the promise of free WIFI you can make the children walk and walk!!!

Back to the cafe for coffee, to be told they no longer do free WIFI, sorry kids.

As the rain continued, we ventured to the Red Deer Park

This chap was very happy to have his photo taken and have a stroke.

On Friday we visited Castle Kennedy Gardens

Its my favourite place to visit!

Maybe another year we will go in summer when the walled garden will be in full flower.

The pond looked beautifully clear but we didn't risk a two tone dog like last year.

Port Patrick

Sunshine, clear blue waters and ice cream, what more could you want from a sea side village.

(OOh and I got a 4G signal on the quay side)

Another must see for our trip to Scotland is the little chapel hidden in the trees.

We visited last year (here)

Its just so peaceful.

Its like stepping out of today's world, leaving all the awful daily news behind and really feeling Peace.

Before we went on holiday the news was all about Manchester. 
It felt very close to home.

Then on Sunday as I plough through the washing the news is all about London.

Ooh how I wish I was back next to the sea!!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Half Term Fun cont. . .

Did you know, the most southerly point of Scotland is The Mull of Galloway?

This was quite a trip, single track road for miles.

But the view was amazing.

After the cliffs we headed down to the sea at Port Logan.

Look at that bathing beauty!! Every chance he gets, his shoes and socks are off and he's in the sea (only to his ankles!!)

Another dog friendly place to visit was Logan Fishpond.

My son really enjoyed finding out about all things 'Rockpool' related!

We even had a hold of the starfish.

Then back to base for yet more rock pooling!!

Just a few crabs . . . . . 

And some dramatic squealing for the camera as my Son nearly lost his hand to a crustacean.

(Not really, we found the claw in the sea)