Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Half way. . . . .

Well, we are almost half way through half term and I'm just popping in to say Hi!!
This week so far we have, been on a bicycle ride, been out for ice cream, visited friends and family, put up our Halloween decorations, got our pumpkins, played with & cleaned out our pets and been to the local countryside park.

The trip to the country park was summed up by a new art installation:

I tried to pause to read the information about it but I was going to be left behind.

The weather stayed fine for the morning, with just a few spots of rain when we got back to the car.

We always enjoy our visits

Now we are about to carve our pumpkins. . . . . better get the first aid kit out.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Foxy (part two)

When I've made quilts in the past I've just backed them in fleece fabric. This is great for washing, warm enough for on your knee on the sofa or on top of your bed.

This time when I tried to sew the fleece on the back of my foxy quilt it was a disaster. The beige fabric was 'linen look' so it behaved differently to other fabric I've used before. Hence lots of unpicking...

To try and stabilize the front I got some more fabric. Then I hand stitched the quilt front to the fabric. 

Then with My fingers crossed I again started to stitch it to the fleece.

Progress was much better this time with almost no unpicking.

Finally I hand stitched the binding on and the quilt was finished.

Then today we had an inset day, so my assistant helped me get a photo.

The sewing machine is packed away for half term so any craft activities will have to be knitting. 
(I have a half finished knitting project somewhere. . . . . .)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Foxy (part one)

Well more cutting this week.

Trying to stay organised. . . . 

Then finally I was ready for the sewing.

Cutting  . . . . . 

Iron flat. . . . 

More cutting. . . . 

More sewing

Some final cutting!

Then assemble

The table did get a bit messy

The front was finished this morning.

Then onto the fleece backing

Then lots of unpicking, ooh bother. The top and bottom of the quilt are not behaving. . . 
Not sure what to do now....
After the un picking. . . 
What to do??

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blue skies and green fabric . . . .

On Saturday (it feels like an age ago!!) we headed for Lancaster. Its a beautiful city and with glorious blue skies. . . . . well what more could you ask for.

Well you could have a trip to the fabric shop whilst your there! 

Yes I got one more piece of green (very light green) fabric. Then had a little time on Sunday doing some cutting. I only gave up when I sliced my hand with the cutter, ouch. I could have continued but blood and fabric don't mix.

Friday, 10 October 2014

I love washing!!

Actually I love washing new fabric, NOT everyday family washing.

All washed and ready for the line!

Please stay fine until its dry. . . . 

Do I have an idea for a new sewing project?  Yes.
Will I have time to start it this weekend? Hopefully
Will some household jobs get put off until next week? Definitely!!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A nice place to drink tea!!

Sat in the sun drinking tea and I had an idea!! Wouldn't it be great to have a side door in our garage, making it easy to nip in and out. Maybe enjoy some winter sun sat inside (I realise the garage is STUFFED with junk, but I can dream)

The old window is ready to fall out, way past a little filler and a coat of stain.

Cut to later in the week, all the junk is sheeted up and the window has gone.

By the end of day one we had our garage side door!

Day two the wall had been built back up, the bunting was back in place and the pots had a reshuffle. 

Now that's a better place to drink tea!!

p.s. We have had the door and window for weeks just waiting to go in.
p.s  A big Thankyou to my Dad for his building assistance, without it we couldn't have done it.
p.s A big Thankyou to our Aunt & Uncle for the window and door, recycled from there house.
p.s. No comments from my family on the best way to get rid of our junk, I know you all think a skip will be needed!!!