Monday, 30 December 2013

A special arrival!!

Over the Christmas period we have been expecting a special arrival in our family (not in our house!!)

My Sister told us many months ago that she was expecting a baby at 'Christmas time'.

Any excuse for some sewing I say . . . . .

The first sewing project was inspired by the lovely badgers over at Teawagontales. I though I'd make one for the new baby, one for the soon to be big sister and a couple for my two children.

The next sewing project was a pencil crayon wrap for the soon to be big sister.

This challenged my sewing skills.

The main body of the crayon wrap was added then turned right side out 
(through a way too small a hole!!)

Then early on boxing day morning I received the awaited phone call, the baby had arrived!!!
A beautiful baby girl.

Out with the sewing machine again, maybe just a small bag . . . . 

As I now had a name I decided on two matching drawstring bags, (one for big sister and one for baby girl!!!) with there names on.

I used some iron on stiffening, cut it into the required letters, then ironed it onto some white fabric. I then turned a hem all the way around each letter ready to sew onto the bag fabric.

Once sewn onto the bag fabric I added a plain lining and the channel for the drawstring.

On our first trip to meet my new niece we stopped at the shops and bought a little note pad to go with the crayons. Then we oggled all the beautiful baby clothes, before finally choosing some lovely babygrows with bunnies on to go in the bag.

P.S.  When your children are older like mine you soon forget how small newborns are.
My niece is tiny, beautiful, perfect, but tiny!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A little bit of Christmas Madness!!

I know now that I have slipped into a state of mild madness.....

Earlier in the week I was measuring carrots. . . . .

Followed by a little bit of cutting . . . . 

You know its bad when you can't bring yourself to mention what you've been upto during the day!!

The children didn't even look surprise when I said what I'd made . . . . 

Two rabbit stocking and two guinea pig stocking. . . . a perfect size for a carrot!!!

Happy Christmas to you all.

Friday, 20 December 2013

A bit of DIY. . . . . .

So way back in October we did our 'bit' of DIY.
Look at the beautiful fire we have had for the last three years!!

Because we where having a new boiler, the fire had to go, yipee
(the boiler was behind the fire, in the chimney and was fitted when the house was built back in the early 1970)

The gas engineer removed the fire and the boiler. That's the boiler in the photo below.

Then we removed some plaster to try to find a supporting lintel.

We opened up the hole to a size we liked. 

Then my other half used his very limited building skills to build up the sides of the hole. (I issued ideas and suggestions from the sofa)

Then I harassed  rang a plasterer and he was good enough to fit us in on a Saturday.

We then did all the decorating (just like that!! - I found it exhausting doing this room).
After all the paint had dried we fit the stone flag, once again using new found DIY skills.

So there you have it, one big job ticked off for this year.
Just the kitchen to do . . . maybe next year. . . . 

Monday, 16 December 2013

On my lovely table. . . .

Early on last week my lovely table looked like this, clutter free!!

Then work.
Although my shop job finished last week for Christmas, my working from home job just carries on.
I brought home a roll of drawings to help me with a proposal drawing. The drawings are from back in 1996 and where drawn by me!! Talk about make me feel old. 

For a pre Christmas treat, we headed off for a panto on Saturday night. It was Cinderella with Ted Robbins.
We had a great time, lots of shouting, sweets, clapping, boooing, etc.

Lastly on my lovely table was a surprise mixer. On a trip to see my Mum and Dad-in-law it was mentioned that there was an almost unused mixer in the loft, did I want to take it on a long loan?

Well YES!!

When I've completed my jobs for the day I will take it out of the box, then what to make.... cake.....biscuit....meringue...bread...

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

On my lovely table. . .

On my lovely table this week (well last week actually) is a lovely gift from a good friend over in Sweden. Its a traditional Swedish Princess Cake (sadly not edible). The lady who makes them can be found here!

Also this week we had the finished snood/cowl. (A big Thank you to all who left a comment, they really are appreciated)

Next we have a little bit of Christmas creeping in. All my cards are now written out and ready to go and we have received a few too!

Lastly we have Albert and Violet...

Its a long story, but we have Elves to stay in the run up to Christmas.
They arrive by 'magic' and are suppose to watch out for good behavior, to report back to Father Christmas.
But the are very mischievous and play tricks on the children when they are out at school or overnight when they are sleeping.

(having written down the 'Elf Saga' I realise just how crazy I sound)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Knit Nordic

The other week I headed out to the local library for a book on Jelly Rolls Quilts.

I got slightly side tracked and came home with 'Knit Nordic'  by Eline Oftedal.

Inside the book there are some amazing projects.

Although the hotpants  - I don't think are for me!!!

I chose a simple Snood. I already had a ball of grey wool (left over from my hat) so I bought a couple of balls of cream wool and cast on.

It did take quite a bit of concentration, I can't really hold a conversation whilst knitting anything other than plain knit, also watching TV is out!!

Whilst the children had breakfast this morning I started the last few rows of k2 p2.

Back from the school run and I cast off. (no I haven't sewn in the ends, but hopefully later today)

The finished Snood!!

I will be hopefully wearing it later today on a very windy walk to school.
(If you live in the UK, its very windy)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Nearly finished 'Boy Quilt'

So a few weeks ago I started to make a quilt for my little boy. In a break from the norm, I thought I should FINISH it.

Tracking down the half done quilt was a little difficult . . . 

I couldn't remember why I made the quilt top so long and thin, especially when I had 24 spare squares left over. So after a re-iron, I laid out the pieces.

I decided to make one new 'joining strip'

With all my new squares made I had to take a break.

As my Mum was out for the day, the family dogs required a run around, stretch there legs etc. (only one dog would stay still for a photo!!)

Back to the sewing and with a little fiddly matching up, the front was finished.

I started the quilting on Saturday, just simple straight lines. Although fitting the quilt through the machine was difficult. . . .

Today I attached the binding, machine stitched to the front and hand stitched to the back later when watching TV.
 Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of the finished quilt this week.