Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The First Day Out with Plastic People

So for a summer holiday challenge, we are taking plastic people on our days out . . . .
Would you like to meet them?

On the back row we have, wearing a purple top, is my daughter!! 
Next to her is Me, I'm wearing a hat!!!
At the front is my son (responsible for character allocation)

On the back row are my Mum and Dad (dressed as Cops) and also my Sister (also dressed as a Cop).
The two robbers wearing shades are my nephews!!

On lots of trips it will just be the three of us with guest appearances from our companions.

Anyway, we headed out for a walk this afternoon.The weather was glorious!!

The pace is pretty fast with three young boys racing ahead. 

I did get chance for a few close up shots, I'd be interested to know what the yellow flower is!

We also found a beetle, which the boys happily caught!!

The children did separate off, the boys, well they did boy things . . . . .
And my daughter tried to finish her library book, which she got yesterday and carried around in her pocket. 

We had a great afternoon.

The boys all had a selection of  new bumps and scratches.

My Daughter finished her book.

I took lots of photos.

And the Plastic People got a lovely day out.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Still here . . . . .

Well the DIY continues, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.
We took some time off yesterday to visit Avenham Park in Preston

It was a glorious day and so nice to be away from kitchen fitting.

Many eons ago (well the start of July) we went to our Ranger club and my little boy caught a 'winged creature'.

No one at Rangers knew what it was so we took some pictures to try and identify it when we got home.

We still don't know what it is, but we are hoping Amanda over at The Quiet Walker can help!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Happy Birthday !!

So I've been working through my list (and making new lists)
Well you have to party even when your living in kitchen chaos!!

The bouncy castle was booked weeks ago, the original one cancelled just last week but luckly we found another, phew!!

Very simple party bags, just with shop bought cake and sweets.

And the Birthday Boy? Well lets just say he slept well.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Lists of lists.....

Wow, it feels like an age since I blogged. Hopefully normal (ish) blogging is not too far away!

It's been a busy old time at our house,
We've had the first of our July birthdays.
We've ripped out our old kitchen.
We've had a week with no cooking or washing up facilities.
We still have no drain in our sink.
We have no washing machine. 
We have some kitchen units but no doors.

On our list this week is
Put up wall cupboards.
Attach the drain to the sink.
Plumb in the washing machine.
Loads more kitchen related stuff.......

Also we have 
A summer drama show.
An awards ceremony.
A evening play, an afternoon showing and another evening showing !!
Friends visiting.
A school trip.
And the small issue of a boy's birthday party.

Normally I love a list, but at the moment the list just keeps getting longer and I'm not really crossing anything off.

Friday, 3 July 2015

The End . . . .

Day 30

Wow, 30 Days Wild, I cant believe its all come to an end.

Finishing off with some sunshine knitting.

I didn't complete a lot of the things I wanted. We didn't really get out and about, no trips to the river or the beach. We didn't have any suitable rain to dance in (my son really wanted to dance in the rain). I wish we'd done more family walks. . . . 

But I think its been a success, its made us spent more time outdoors (even though its been mainly at home)

(I'm not making excuses, but we started some big DIY this month which is still on going, its taken up lots of time and energy. More to follow)

Gold and Yellow

Day 29

This is a bit of a cheat, its not very wild!!
But we got a new fish for our little pond.

I think you can catch a glimpse of some yellow and gold. . . . .
The gold Goldfish is Pudge and
The yellow Goldfish is (ooh the fish off little mermaid, ooh what's it called?) Flounder.

Imagination . . .

Day 28

Today we started a project, but didn't get around to finishing it!!

Can you tell what its going to be?

Well done, you're correct, its going to be a hedgehog house!!!

 Hopefully I'll remember to take some more photos, we do have a bit of work to do. . . . 

Tiptoe. . . . .

Day 27

Sometimes the simple things are the most fun

Tiptoeing around the garden in the morning dew.

Ooh look at all that clover. . . .