Saturday, 31 May 2014

Holker Garden Festival

Yesterday we had our annual visit to the Holker Garden Festival.
I did a blog post about it last year

The day was slightly overcast but the cooler weather meant we weren't all shattered !!

I picked out my new garden shed (only joking the price was four digits, definitely one digit too long)

There was something for everyone. 

We headed up to the house after lunch to look around the gardens.

Just look at the stripey grass, ooh how I wish my lawn looked like this. 

We also meet Christine Walkden, who is often on the One Show (on the BBC).
My Daughter had her picture taken with her and she chatted about the show. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Party skirt or shorts ?

So, I mentioned a party skirt in my last blog post and I have finally remembered to get a photo!

I really love this fabric.
Unfortunately I only had a small piece, so getting a skirt, with matching pattern, without waste - was quite difficult.

The finished skirt passed the trampoline test, but once at the party my daughter soon changed into her denim shorts.

Skirts are not suitable for football or bike riding, but she did look lovely for all of twenty minutes!!!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Let the sun shine!

What a weekend of beautiful weather!

We took a trip to see a friend and had a lovely walk in the glorious weather.

First we had a look at Etherow Country park.

We got a little bit of history.

But we mainly enjoyed visiting somewhere new. 

Back to the car and we headed for some lunch.


After lunch we had another walk, this time  a lot slower.
(some of us had eaten desert!!)

Up to the top of Wernoth Low, what a view!!

I did fit in a little sewing this weekend, a party skirt for my daughter. Maybe tomorrow I will get a photo.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Bluebell overload!!

Bluebells, Bluebells and more Bluebells. . . .

We took a trip down memory lane at the weekend and visited Brock Valley. We do try and visit every year (maybe I've blogged about it before, but I couldn't be bothered looking back through my posts!!)

I've visited ever since I was a child and that's quite a few years.

The sea of bluebells amazes me every time, they are absolutely beautiful.

The children did want to cross the stream on the fallen tree below, but my nerves wouldn't let them.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


If you have small children (or have in the past), you will know about pants!!
Over the years I have thrown away a lot of pants or trousers with holes in the knees.
At Christmas my little boy got some lovely soft jeans, but before long they had a hole. . . . 

What about a patch?  Matching denim is very difficult, so something else was needed.

The eyes of a Ninjago!!  (Lego eyes)

I drew the eyes on my yellow fabric in pencil then went over it with my Sharpie marker.
Then using the sewing machine, I went over it with black stitching.
The yellow fabric was attached to a piece of denim, then 'just' sew it into the leg of the jeans!! 

I added a similar patch inside the other leg as the fabric is quite thin on that knee as well.

Maybe its a lot of work to save a pair of jeans, but it was fun and he thinks there cool. 
One happy customer and a happy Mum.

Friday, 2 May 2014

I am still here. . . .

Sorry I've become a bit of an erratic blogger!! The sunny weather draws me out of the house and not always with my camera.

There has been a bit of sewing going on over the last week. Not all by me. . . .

Yes this is my little boy having a go with the sewing machine!

With a bit of help we made an extra PE bag for school, to keep his football kit in.

Also this past week I got a bee in my bonnet about tunic tops.
On a flying visit to our local sewing shop I picked up the exact pattern I'd been debating online.

The pattern instructions where really easy to follow. 

The Tunic came together really quickly, but. . . 

The neck line felt high for me, this is just a personal choice, so I had to do a bit of an adjustment.
You can see my dis-solvable pen marks above just before I stated to cut!!
Unfortunately the pen didn't disappear so I've had to wash it before I can take some photos.

You know when I was looking for patterns I did spot another I quite liked. . . . .

Just a couple of clicks and then just wait for the postman!!!