Saturday, 28 February 2015

10,000 a day. . . . .

Around Christmas time I bought myself a tracker (not the sort the police attach to offenders!!).

As the weeks have passed I have increased the amount of steps per week.

Often I walk alone, during the day, head down and march on.

Today I involved the family. This is more difficult as boredom sets in pretty quick.

We visited Blackpool. We had a few shopping errands to do then we headed for the prom.

We don't normally visit the main prom, preferring the quieter parts of the beach & prom, but we all enjoyed the Comedy Carpet.

On the way home we visited the fabric shop, well its World Book Day this week so we need an outfit. . . .

Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Hero

Today is Parents Evening for my Daughter and we have seven appointments. Am I worried? No.
She consistently tries hard, she completes all her homework, she has a great attitude and really enjoys school. She is my Hero!!

She also really likes the new film Big Hero 6. . . . .

So a quick project . . . . .

All I needed was a red pillow case and some white fabric.
I printed out Baymax then transferred him to my white fabric.
With the sewing machine, I blanket stitched him into place.
Then I reduced the size of the pillow case to suit my cushion inner.
A quick iron . . . . 

A tidy up . . . well maybe later.

There we have it, my Big Hero 6 cushion for my little Hero.

(I better go and remove all the wayward thread off my clothes before I head off to school!!)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Half Term Part 2

The second half of half term has flown by.
We have visited a couple of our favourite places. 

On Wednesday we arranged to meet some friends at Beacon Fell.

My daughter took photos whilst my friend and I tried to keep track of three very energetic boys!!!  

On Thursday we headed for Lytham.

The weather wasn't great and I couldn't face taking my gloves off for lots of photos.(sorry)

Then on Friday we had a big family day out.
 Both my sisters and children came, and my Mum and Dad.

We decided on a walk and a bit of shopping in Skipton.

On the muddy path my little boy fell face down in the mud!!
So the shopping was done with him covered in mud.

We still have Sunday left and only my Daughter goes back on Monday.

So maybe me and mud boy will have another trip out on Monday.

Hope everyones had a lovely Half Term.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Half Term Part 1

Finally we have arrived at half term, phew. Its been a long slog from Christmas until now, but we made it.

In no particular order, here's a snapshot of the holiday so far. . . . 

We've visited Lancaster for a canal walk and some shopping.
(the duck in the centre had a blueish beak, I've never seen that before!!)

We've visited a popular Swedish store, can you guess?
I've purchased a 'fabric storage unit' its going to change my life!!!

My daughter became a musician!! Well there's still away to go . . . . 

And today we visited Clitheroe.
To exercise the children enjoy the sunny weather we had a walk on the  Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail located at Brungerley Park

Now I need to go and make my pancake batter . . . . 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Its a wrap!!

So in an effort to try something new, I have taken up sketching.
 (I did art at school but that was quite a few years ago!!!)

So for the last week my limited art supplies have been kept in a carrier bag. Its not ideal.

So this morning after the school run, I planned to hoover the whole house, Luckily the fuse went in the hoover plug so all hoovering had to be cancelled.

What to do. . . . . I could look for a fuse? Nooooo

Instead I got out the sewing machine.

With a little 'planning as you go', I started a art wrap.

It holds my sketch pad , a tin of pencil (with room for some extras) and even has a zip pocket for the eraser (which I use a lot)

I just have to add a fastener or maybe a tie, I'm not sure yet.

Ooh and I still need to tidy all my sewing stuff away.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Get Knotted!!!

The other day I finally got round to taking down the Summer Bunting. It looked pretty sad so in a moment of madness before school I attempted to wash it.

All was going well until I stupidly thought 'Ooh I think it could do with a final rinse in the machine'

Did I worry about it getting tangled? 

So the photo above show what not to do with bunting.

The point to the post, when I finally get to it is. . . .  .
The above photo is January.
A tangled mess of worries, thankfully nothing major, but worries all the same.

So hello to February, please be nice.