Thursday, 12 February 2015

Its a wrap!!

So in an effort to try something new, I have taken up sketching.
 (I did art at school but that was quite a few years ago!!!)

So for the last week my limited art supplies have been kept in a carrier bag. Its not ideal.

So this morning after the school run, I planned to hoover the whole house, Luckily the fuse went in the hoover plug so all hoovering had to be cancelled.

What to do. . . . . I could look for a fuse? Nooooo

Instead I got out the sewing machine.

With a little 'planning as you go', I started a art wrap.

It holds my sketch pad , a tin of pencil (with room for some extras) and even has a zip pocket for the eraser (which I use a lot)

I just have to add a fastener or maybe a tie, I'm not sure yet.

Ooh and I still need to tidy all my sewing stuff away.


  1. Thank goodness the hover broke, the cover for your art rap is great, and do I spy a little sketch of a Hare ?
    Amanda xx

    1. Yes you can see a hare. It's something I'd love to master, both sketching but also painting. Maybe with some practice!! Sarah

  2. Such a wonderful idea, not to hoover that is and concentrate on the art wrap. The fabric looks beautiful.

    1. I did finally get around to replacing the fuse in the Hoover but it still didn't work, so no hoovering tomorrow ( permission granted - no cleaning tomorrow ). Looking back at the fabric, I've used it for a knitting wrap and a sharpie pencil case!! Sarah