Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Hero

Today is Parents Evening for my Daughter and we have seven appointments. Am I worried? No.
She consistently tries hard, she completes all her homework, she has a great attitude and really enjoys school. She is my Hero!!

She also really likes the new film Big Hero 6. . . . .

So a quick project . . . . .

All I needed was a red pillow case and some white fabric.
I printed out Baymax then transferred him to my white fabric.
With the sewing machine, I blanket stitched him into place.
Then I reduced the size of the pillow case to suit my cushion inner.
A quick iron . . . . 

A tidy up . . . well maybe later.

There we have it, my Big Hero 6 cushion for my little Hero.

(I better go and remove all the wayward thread off my clothes before I head off to school!!)

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