Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Birthday Number 1.

This week my party preparations have been in full swing. 

I've made paper bunting to hang indoors.

I've found and hung my outdoor bunting!!

I've baked, baked and baked some more. . . 

Done a little kitchen juggling.
 (we have a old kitchen with limited worktop, so stacking and balancing are an essential part of baking/cooking)

Moving to the table for a little more room.

I then did some 'panic baking', that's what you do when you think you'll run out of cake!!!

I was informed (last minute) that even at eleven you DO need candles but not necessarily eleven!!

We've had a children's party, a family party, a sick child, a school strike day, a beavers trip to the zoo all packed into four days and we still haven't actually had the birthday. . . . . 

Monday, 24 June 2013

On my lovely table. . .

This week I have continued with the party preparations.

I did the party boxes, then moved onto the baking. . 

I have an idea of what the cake will be like, but I will make that on Friday.

The cake has nearly all gone now but ooh it was good.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Party Preparations!!!!

Well what a day. . .
All the plans you make for your weekend are thrown out of the window when you hear the night time call 'Mum, I've been sick'.

So today has been a stay at home day. The morning was filled with washing bedding and carpets ! say no more...

This afternoon I turned my attention to my daughters Party Preparations. Party bags - I find these are no longer given at more grown up children's parties. So I thought we would have popcorn boxes filled with sweets and a party cake on top.

First I made a template,

 Then I added a curved top using a 'household template'

Then just cut them out of white card.

This is when your thankful the guest list is short!!

The red stripes are Decor Tape from Hobby Craft.

Using the same image we used for the invites I made some Thank you messages to stick on the boxes.

Then the double sided tape came out to make up the boxes. It really only gives you one chance to get them right (very, very sticky)

I am really happy with the finished boxes, I want one really  . .  . 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Finished !!!

Last weeks 'stack and whack' project is finished. 

I was a little bit unsure what to do with my rectangles when I'd done the stack and whack.
So I did a simple baby / doll quilt.  

The above photos are in the sun, but I thought they looked a little washed out.
So this morning I took some more and they still looked washed out !!!!

Well I better go, got to get the children ready for school, its the summer fair today.

Monday, 17 June 2013

On my lovely table . . . .

What a busy week!  The best bit has definitely been, that I've done some sewing.

Some of the evidence is still on my lovely table (I've never been that good at 'putting away').

We've also had a party full weekend, one on Saturday and another on Sunday (children's parties!!) and Fathers Day.

Then the realisation that its only two weeks until my daughters birthday party and we haven't  done any planning! This year its a movie theme - this will involve a movie night with lots of sweets and popcorn.
Oooh and there will be cake, what else..... Oh I need to start planning...

Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Bag!!

On Thursday I took a trip to the shops. I really wanted a new 'across the body' handbag. But nothing I found was just right.

On the way back I called at Abakhan Fabrics and got a 60p bundle of fabric.

White cotton type fabric, a piece of beige fleece and some blue thin cotton. The blue fabric was just the right colour for a bag!!

Friday I started to make my bag. The pattern developed along the way and was partially tailored to the fabric.

I often use household templates like. . . . plates.

I had to have a spot of spots on my bag, the interior has to be bright and bold.

The outer bag is double thickness and the inside is just single thickness.

This is a progress shot, taken at lunchtime (it didn't improve)

In the past I've made bags only to find in use that the strap is too short or too long. This time I made the strap in two pieces and put fake buttons on at the join. If I think it needs adjusting it won't be a huge job.

Now for the 'dangly bit' you get on bags. My daughter made some lovely owls a few years ago and I used them for inspiration.

I really enjoyed making my little owl. I tidied up all the ends whilst watching The Hobbit (and left the messy table for another day!!!)

So that's the finished bag. Its getting a try out today, first a children's party then a shopping trip with my daughter.
(I better tackle the mess on the table before I go, don't want to have it waiting for me when I get home!!)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Stack and Whack

This is a book I bought ages ago. I've used it once to make my first easy quilt. 

I haven't done much sewing recently and wanted a simple, small project. So I went back to the book to make the same quilt but a mini version!!

I always play it safe with fabric, always coordinating very rarely clashing.

I tried my best to avoid my usual red selection....

The size of the fabric rectangles was determined by a small sample of Cath Kidston star fabric.

As the quilt description suggest, you stack the fabric then whack it (cut it)

Then sew it all back together. 

Lots of ironing is required.

Then the debate begins, what to do with all the new rectangles . . . . 

The decision was made and the sewing has begun. Hopefully more to follow soon. 
I just need to tidy up a little first, ooh and wash some new 'bargain' fabric I got yesterday. . .