Thursday, 30 May 2013

Red Bank Farm

We have all made it back from our camping trip. The forecast wasn't great, it was a little chilly and ooh was it windy.

I would love to say we travel light, but we take loads!!

We got to the campsite in fine weather and got the tent up before it rained.

The children love to camp. We meet up with both my sisters and families, so had a great age range of children to entertain each other.

We had some lovely walks down by the sea and only one child fell in (my little boy!!)

We took a trip to the lovely village of Arnside.  There are some beautiful seaside houses and little shops.

This is my little boys favorite cow in the field next to our tent. He spent quite a lot of time chatting with it and was sad when it couldn't come home with us.

Back home, the washing machine is on its third load, the ironing is piling up. . . .

But tomorrow we are heading to Holker Hall Garden Festival.

Monday, 27 May 2013

On my lovely table. . .

So whats been going on this week? Not a lot really!

I've been trying to keep my table clear and tidy ready for half term.

On Friday I did complete a new, simple table runner/cloth.

Measure and cut.

Iron (don't bother pinning!!)


Now the table is covered in piles of clothes (no photo required)
We are going camping in the morning, lots of packing required, all weather footwear and clothing needed.
Food, bedding, air beds and the tent of course!
Please keep your fingers crossed for very little rain and NO wind.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The gift that just keeps giving.

Last year I told you all about my love of Auriculas (garden plant). I then received three plants off a friend and a packet of collected seeds.

Well time passes and if your lucky things grow.

The three plants given have not only survived the winter but they have also flowered.

The first two are beautiful. The third was taking a little longer to flower but yesterday I manage to get a photo.

How exciting, a double or maybe a triple!!

The seed I received was sown last year. Surprisingly (for me!) the seedlings came through.

I've now planted them all up in bigger pots.

How exciting, what will the flowers be like, will they survive long enough, where are they all going to live???

Monday, 20 May 2013

On my lovely table...

This week there has been lots of 'the norm' going on, on my lovely table.

For a mid week treat, I made some 'rustic' cookies. (none left by Friday!!!)

I've also done a small dress project to go with the other dresses I made.

And I've done a bit of work in between. The chocolates really help with concentration!!

This is the last week before half term at school, Yippee, I for one can't wait.

Friday, 17 May 2013

The good, the bad and the sad.

The good.....

Its always nice to do a little bit of sewing in between all the every day stuff. This week I made another dress for my niece.


The bad.....

Both my children have taken there SATS this week. Although we as a family try to play down the importance of SATS (to me they mean very little) the school say they are very important!!!! 

So to celebrate the end of SATS week I did a bit of baking.

The sad....

We had two bunnies living at our house. This time last year Miss Delila died. She had been in good health, then she just passed away over night. It was pretty sad and we feared that Miss Princess would follow through loneliness.

But she manage another year happily going about her business.  Then earlier this week she went off her food and on Wednesday when we got back from school she was gone.

I never could tell them apart!! Princess is at the back and Delila is at the front.... I think...

Monday, 13 May 2013

On my lovely table. . .

So this week there has been some sewing on my lovely table. It seems like forever since I had the sewing machine out. 

Also on my table was some more fabric, hopefully this week the sewing machine will be out!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

A little bit of shopping.

Yesterday I had a day out. I headed to the local town/city for a bit of shopping. At the top of my list was a summer dress for my lovely little niece. I visited all the well known high street shops, but had no luck. (lots of lovely dresses if your travelling some where hot this summer, but maybe no so great for the UK)

Many years ago I made a dress for my daughter, so I hunted out the pattern (I hoard, so I knew it would be somewhere in the house!!). Then after a quick trip to our local craft shop for some suitable fabric the sewing could begin.

I always trace the pattern off the pattern (if you know what I mean!!) so I can easily use it again, for maybe the next size up.

Once the pattern was pinned to the fabric I had to do the school run!!

Back home again, I quickly cut out the front. This section has some tucks in, these required a little concentration.

Then I had to stop again to feed the children!!

All the hand sewing was done later in front of the TV.

The final job is to sew on a button at the back then try it on. 
Fingers crossed it fits, then I might make another!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

On my lovely table..

This week has been a little lacking in photos for obvious reasons.

I have been busy with work, so no crafting.

Once the work had been cleared away I did have a little reading time!
 (actually I really just look at the pictures!!)

We've had three parties to go to this weekend.

And finally a camera up-date. I am now the happy owner of a replacement camera.

I'm still pretty cross that sand got in the old one when it was switched off but never mind.

Hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.