Friday, 10 May 2013

A little bit of shopping.

Yesterday I had a day out. I headed to the local town/city for a bit of shopping. At the top of my list was a summer dress for my lovely little niece. I visited all the well known high street shops, but had no luck. (lots of lovely dresses if your travelling some where hot this summer, but maybe no so great for the UK)

Many years ago I made a dress for my daughter, so I hunted out the pattern (I hoard, so I knew it would be somewhere in the house!!). Then after a quick trip to our local craft shop for some suitable fabric the sewing could begin.

I always trace the pattern off the pattern (if you know what I mean!!) so I can easily use it again, for maybe the next size up.

Once the pattern was pinned to the fabric I had to do the school run!!

Back home again, I quickly cut out the front. This section has some tucks in, these required a little concentration.

Then I had to stop again to feed the children!!

All the hand sewing was done later in front of the TV.

The final job is to sew on a button at the back then try it on. 
Fingers crossed it fits, then I might make another!!


  1. What a sweet looking dress...hope it fits

  2. What a sweet pattern....this would be a great one for my grandaughters! Very sweet dress...