Monday, 27 June 2016

Peeping through the gate

The sun was shining at the weekend (for some of the time!!)

So we visited the seaside. Can you guess which one?

Yes we had a walk around Lytham.

I would love to live in one of the pretty houses. . . . . . 

How I wish we could pop through the gate and have a good snoop around!!!

I also just happened to be passing the fabric shop in Preston!

Visiting with a small boy, you just have to buy a dinosaur!!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Inspirational Rain

Its been a while since I blogged.
I've been struggling with the holiday blues. We had such a lovely week away, then we crashed back down to reality, work, school, washing, cleaning, wet weather, homework . . . . . . 

I had to be at home on Friday for a work related phone call, so it was either sewing or cleaning?

So the sewing machine was dusted off and taking inspiration from the weather. . .

I made a cushion front to add to a small collection.

When I feel inclined I will finish all the cushion fronts by adding backs!!!
But its not against any laws to have piles of unfinished projects, is it???

So the options for today are,
Sewing or
Getting out and about in the sun?

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Forrest, waterwheel, chapel and sea. . . . . . The End

Inland today, to Kirroughtree Forrest Park.

We didn't bring bikes, although hiring an electric bike did appeal to me!!!

Without the sea breeze it felt sooo much hotter.

Not hot enough for me to be tempted into the lake!!

After a looong walk, it was back to the visitors centre . . .

for some lunch (and free wifi)

Back onto the coastal road, down the coast to the town of Gate House of Fleet.

Hidden away, off the main street to the Mill on the Fleet

A lovely mix of .. . . 

a bit of history

a crammed book shop

a art gallery

a tourist infomation office

and a cafe.

Back to base camp . . . .

Ooh I do love the sea

Everything about it.

But the sea with blue sky is something you can't beat.

Well maybe sea, blue sky and a nice cup of coffee!!!

On our last afternoon we visited the little chapel on the hill, you can just see it hidden in the trees!

Up the winding path from the beach. . . . 

Soo peaceful, what a resting place. . . . .

Forever looking out over the sea.

Back across the beach, filling my pockets with shells as we go. . . . 

Yes its time to go in the sea . . . . . 

You have to go in, even if its just over your ankle.

Ooh how I was still by the sea . . . . 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Beach, Garden, Port

It really was a beach a day!!

On today's beach we recreated a popular TV advert to amuse my sister.

We drove to Logan Botanical Gardens on yet another glorious day.

The beautiful selection of plants really shows what great weather they have.

Tropical palm trees . . . 

Huge Gunnera against a blue sky. . . . 

Dashing from shady bench to shady bench . . . . 

My dream plant, Meconopsis. . . .

Followed by my dream green house.
It really is a beautiful garden.

After all the green of the garden it was time to head back to the sea.

This time to the little fishing port of Portpatrick.

With an ice cream in hand, what could be better than a stroll along the little prom!!

Even with the tide partially out, the little boats are coming in and out of the harbour.

We visited the RNLI shop and bought a bigger crab bucket and some special bait, maybe we will be eating crab for tea!!!