Saturday, 25 June 2016

Inspirational Rain

Its been a while since I blogged.
I've been struggling with the holiday blues. We had such a lovely week away, then we crashed back down to reality, work, school, washing, cleaning, wet weather, homework . . . . . . 

I had to be at home on Friday for a work related phone call, so it was either sewing or cleaning?

So the sewing machine was dusted off and taking inspiration from the weather. . .

I made a cushion front to add to a small collection.

When I feel inclined I will finish all the cushion fronts by adding backs!!!
But its not against any laws to have piles of unfinished projects, is it???

So the options for today are,
Sewing or
Getting out and about in the sun?


  1. My choice would be getting out and about in the sun, whilst it is here. The sun has certainly been a little elusive of late.

  2. The post holiday blues are horrid aren't they. I've found it hard to settle but am hoping some of the holiday glow will come back when I get around to blogging about it and reliving some of the moments. Loving your cushion. I'm a big fan of unfinished projects- my house is full of them! X