Monday, 6 June 2016

Beach, Garden, Port

It really was a beach a day!!

On today's beach we recreated a popular TV advert to amuse my sister.

We drove to Logan Botanical Gardens on yet another glorious day.

The beautiful selection of plants really shows what great weather they have.

Tropical palm trees . . . 

Huge Gunnera against a blue sky. . . . 

Dashing from shady bench to shady bench . . . . 

My dream plant, Meconopsis. . . .

Followed by my dream green house.
It really is a beautiful garden.

After all the green of the garden it was time to head back to the sea.

This time to the little fishing port of Portpatrick.

With an ice cream in hand, what could be better than a stroll along the little prom!!

Even with the tide partially out, the little boats are coming in and out of the harbour.

We visited the RNLI shop and bought a bigger crab bucket and some special bait, maybe we will be eating crab for tea!!!


  1. Sounds amazing and certainly some beautiful views.

    1. Even I love looking at the views in the photos ( and I was there!! ). Sarah