Sunday, 5 June 2016

Crabs & Castles.

Another day another walk.

This time through the grounds of Galloway House.

The rhododendrons are still out and are beautiful.

Peeping through the undergrowth.

Wondering what it would be like inside. . . . . 

On past giant trees, glimpsing the promise of beach & sea

Out on the sand and the water was warm(ish)

Searching for beach treasure (but drawing the line at bringing home dead crabs)

Back to base for more rock pooling.

That above is my own hand nervously holding our catch.

Then lots and lots of squealing as my son also got to grips with crab handling!!!

Scotland has some beautiful gardens to visit.
Today's 'pick of the day' was Castle Kennedy

Luckily for us they welcome well behaved dogs.(and children!!)

Although the car park was busy you feel like you have the whole place to yourself.

Just bird song and children's chatter.

The pond is huge and the water was very inviting for the dog!!!
 Especially as my son was in control of the lead and although the water appeared clear, as the dog got out is was obvious there's a lot of mud on the bottom. We had a two tone dog, clean at the top with four muddy legs!!

Definatley a place to visit again!!


  1. What could be better than bird and song and children's chatter. Looks amazing.

    1. Once you remove 'technology' children just seam to chatter away. Sarah