Saturday, 31 January 2015

Crafternoon (at last!!)

Well its here at last!!

I, like many others have been waiting for the release of The Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine. Finally the release date arrived and my store didn't get it!!

Fear not, I travelled to 'the big shop' and finally got my magazine. 
Now I just need to decide what to make!!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Just keep knitting . . .

Way back in August last year I started a knitting project. . . The first project was a hat for my daughter which I finished.

The next thing I started was a 'Winter Cape' for me.

I didn't buy the wool suggested (I know what your thinking  WHY?,Well the wool shown was expensive. If I start a project thinking I 'overspent' I don't enjoy it.)

So I started the knitting knowing I would have to adjust the pattern. I'm not very good at this!!

Everything was going well, But I couldn't try it on as my needles wouldn't fit around  my body!!

I showed a few people as I went along, asking how long should I make it? They all kept saying 'OOh I'd knit a bit more'

So I just kept knitting. . . . 
Finally I cast off and tried it on. . . . . 

It was about two months worth of knitting too long, ooh b#gg#r

So I marked where the excess was then carefully pulled it back.

Then ever so carefully picked up the stitches. (it was very tense)

So I redid the rib around the bottom and cast off. I was obviously still pretty tense, because the cast off was tooo tight. So once again I took it back.

 Finally after casting off  'with relaxed shoulders, breathe, keep it loose, concentrate, relax. . . '

Its finished, have I worn it? No
Do I like it? Not sure.
Will I make another? No
Will I listen when people tell me to just keep knitting? NO

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winter walking.

After my wet winter walk the other day I could easily have been put off , but I need to get out.

The benefits of a brisk walk, for me and no doubt others, is definitely worth it.

On Thursday last week I headed for the reservoir, the sun was shining, it was beautiful.

Here's hoping the sun shines (at least occasionally!!) for a walk this week.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sewing Curves . . . .

I have been spending a lot little bit of time over on Pinterest looking at cushions / quilted curves.

I Pinned a few images with the thought that I would have a go 'when I had some time'

This morning I decided to make time
(This is done by ignoring all the house work!! Its actually easier than you think))

I drew out the basic idea, then had a look for some Guides/Tutorials.

Lots of cutting followed, lots of sewing and the obligatory ironing, with a small 'chocolate coin' break.

I did have to break off to do the school run.

I'm thinking of making the panel into a cushion, but that will have to wait until another day.

Then the worst bit, clearing the table!!!!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Sitting in wet pants. . . . .

So my 'sick boy' went back to school this morning. Its not a happy occasion.

So to try and improve the day after a tearful start, I set off for a walk.
The forecast was OK ish.

I had my earphones in as the wind whipped past, I stopped at the reservoir to take a breath and listened to my favourite track. (James Blunt - Bones)

Yes it was windy. 
Yes it rained
Yes I am sitting in wet pants.
But. . . . 
Yes I do feel better, lets just hope my little boy has a good day.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Attacking the list!!

It was back to school and work this week at our house. I started the week with a long list of 'things to do'. 
Monday was take down the tree and all the decorations. 
Tuesday was a general tidy up and clean day. 
Then a phone call from school. . . . . . my little boy had been sick, could I come and collect him. . . . 

The list was abandoned. . . . 

Wednesday was TV watching and a bit of ironing for me.

Today has been a little more productive.

Yes I recovered my footstool (not very exciting, but it was on my list on monday).

So now we can watch Jurassic Park. . . .  

Maybe tomorrow I can get on with the list.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015 !!

Happy New Year.

Today we headed for a walk at the local country park. Everyone seamed to have the same idea, the car parks where nearly full.

The wind was extremely chilly and even in the sun you felt the need to keep moving.

Thick winter gloves and a small camera are not an ideal combination, so I didn't take lots of photos.

Hoping the New Year brings health and happiness to all !!