Monday, 12 January 2015

Sitting in wet pants. . . . .

So my 'sick boy' went back to school this morning. Its not a happy occasion.

So to try and improve the day after a tearful start, I set off for a walk.
The forecast was OK ish.

I had my earphones in as the wind whipped past, I stopped at the reservoir to take a breath and listened to my favourite track. (James Blunt - Bones)

Yes it was windy. 
Yes it rained
Yes I am sitting in wet pants.
But. . . . 
Yes I do feel better, lets just hope my little boy has a good day.


  1. Fingers crossed that all is well with your son and that your pants dry quickly.

    1. My pants dried pretty quick but my coat was still wet for the afternoon school run, not very nice!! Sarah

  2. Thinking about you.... A bit of me time in the fresh air should do you good..
    Amanda xx

    1. Your right about the fresh air, it always improves my mood. Sarah