Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lucky Shepherd

On Saturday evening we had an amazing sunset.

Red sky at night, shepherds delight 

Red sky in the morning, shepherd warning.......or something like that!

Well this morning we are blessed with glorious sunshine (still a bit chilly)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

10,000 a day (cont....)

Yes I'm still trying to do 10,000 steps a day.

No work today, so I set off straight from the school run. . . 

What glorious weather we're having. 

Beautiful blue sky.

The sun  on your face.

And sooo many flying insects, walking with your mouth tightly shut, just in-case!!!

Right back to 'work', I think today I'll paint the shed!!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Boy storage (not for storing actual boys but boy toys!!)

 We're having a toy gun storage problem at our house. Often they are left at random on sofas, tables, floors, etc.

 We need a gun storage box!!!

We bought a simple toy box and I wanted to paint it a lovely blue colour to match the boys room.
But no, he wanted army green. I did try mixing the colour using paint I already had but it was no good, I needed some 'Gooseberry Fool' paint.

I took several breaks in the painting precess, what better than a piece of cake as you watch paint dry! 

Today I was given instructions before school as to what text to add to the toy box Ammo box.

A bit of printing, cutting, tracing, measuring, later. . . . . then add a bit of yellow paint.
(and a bit of cake to keep me going . . )

And finally we have a gun / ammo storage box.

We just need a clear out in his room before we get the box into position, but for now its in the front room.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Back, Back, Back . . .

Back to work . . .

 Back to school . . . 

Back to pet sitting . . .

Eight extra eggs today. . . . 

Back to baking . . .

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sand in my shoes. . . . .

Another day, another walk!!

This time I had gained two extra children and had my Mum along for company.

We headed over to the beach, just next to Blackpool.

Some of the children had a paddle.

Treasure was collected (I have a few stones and shells in my bag) and the dunes where jumped in.
We took loads of sand back to the car!!

In other news we have two new additions to our pet collection.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Relaxing Easter . . .

My children had hoped for a nice relaxing day.

But that wouldn't help me with my '10,000 steps a day' target, soooo. . . . 

Yes we headed out for a walk. The children brought bikes, so the pace was quick.

I did get time for a few photos.

The sky today was amazing, the clouds looked like they where just sitting on the hills.

The sun shone from start to finish and we did do 10,000 steps! 

Just got to wash all the childrens clothes and clean the bikes, it was very muddy.

But beautiful.

Happy Easter

Sit nicely Agnes, smile at the camera, not too close. . . . . 

Margo your too close, move back a bit, try & smile. . . . .

Why do I bother, so much for having two lovely Easter Bunnies!!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Brockhole Nature Reserve

Wow what a day. The weather has been borderline 'hot'.

This afternoon we had a lovely walk down through the woods to Brockhole Nature Reserve.

Signs of spring are everywhere.

The bookworm of the family happily read, whilst our cyclist lounged exhausted in the sun.

As we sat overlooking the reserve a visiting swan came by for a look.

The only problem with the walk to Brockholes is that its all uphill on the way back!!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Another day out in Lancaster!!!

Today we left the house bright and early for a visit to the dentist . . . . joy oh joy . . . . how I love a visit to the dentist. (Luckily it was just a check-up)

The weather was looking good, so we headed for a shopping/walking/bit of history sort of day out.

Yes Lancaster!

We took a leisurely walk into the city along the canal and my little boy even attempted some 'duck taming'. He wasn't very successful due to a lack of bread!!

We had a look around the shops and a bit of lunch, then headed up to the castle.

Fingers crossed for more sunny weather!!