Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter

Sit nicely Agnes, smile at the camera, not too close. . . . . 

Margo your too close, move back a bit, try & smile. . . . .

Why do I bother, so much for having two lovely Easter Bunnies!!


  1. Nonsense, they are gorgeous and their selfies are just perfect for Easter! I think they both deserve a kiss and a carrot for modelling. Unusual names tho', is there a story behind them?

  2. They are really cute!! I love watching them when they are on the grass, full of energy. They are named after two of the little girls from the film Despicable Me. The children wanted three rabbits like the three girls in the film but I wasn't sure how three would get along and if our hutch was big enough. Ooh but if only I had another hutch I'd have some more bunnies in a flash. Sarah