Friday, 17 April 2015

Boy storage (not for storing actual boys but boy toys!!)

 We're having a toy gun storage problem at our house. Often they are left at random on sofas, tables, floors, etc.

 We need a gun storage box!!!

We bought a simple toy box and I wanted to paint it a lovely blue colour to match the boys room.
But no, he wanted army green. I did try mixing the colour using paint I already had but it was no good, I needed some 'Gooseberry Fool' paint.

I took several breaks in the painting precess, what better than a piece of cake as you watch paint dry! 

Today I was given instructions before school as to what text to add to the toy box Ammo box.

A bit of printing, cutting, tracing, measuring, later. . . . . then add a bit of yellow paint.
(and a bit of cake to keep me going . . )

And finally we have a gun / ammo storage box.

We just need a clear out in his room before we get the box into position, but for now its in the front room.


  1. It dose look very good Sarah, the boys will love it, you need to make one for your self saying mums fabric stash, I'm sure you could fill it..
    Amanda xx

    1. I could easily fill a box of Full of fabric!! Sarah

  2. A great storage solution, I too could do with one for fabric.