Thursday, 11 July 2019

Madness inJuly

I feel like time is going at double speed.
July is whizzing by.

So far in July I've organised my Animal head fabric.

I've bought a freemotion foot for my sewing machine.
(Practice is needed or I need a simpler name)

I've made some more animals.

I'm trying to get organised for The Royal Lancashire Show.
(I have a stall in the craft tent, come and say hello)

I've started a new product for my stall, something linked to animals but more pocket money friendly than a animal head.

I've perfected the art of cutting out circles. . . . . . . 

I've drunk a lot of tea and made a lot of lists.

And lastly, I've had some fabric printed (Woven Monkey) to make into shopping bags, also for the show.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mid June catch-up

June is whizzing by . . . . .

The month started with some dog sitting. My Mum and Dads dog, Libby came to stay.
Penny enjoys the company, but Libby spends her time collecting tennis balls and sleeping!

With my parents being away we also had chickens to feed. They have lots of room, plenty of food but no longer lay any eggs, so no egg payments for us.

Also this month I've signed up to display my animal heads in the local library. So lots of planning ready for July, when a selection of animals will be for sale in the library. 

I've made some stands to display my animals and also some card stands for photos. I still need to print price labels, a blurb, contact details . . . . . .

I also had a surprise invitation to take part in a local agricultural show
 (more details to follow).
Also in July, so a very busy time coming up.

I thought I'd add a couple more farm animals to the list with the show coming up.

In between all the sewing, I've also spent a lot of time walking Penny.

 I've also

  •  Had a trip to see Mr Drill & Fill (the Dentist, to replace a filling)
  •  Revised / re learnt straight line graphs with my Son (y=mx + c). 
  •  Visited the vets with our rabbit, he also needs dental work. Keep your fingers crossed, he goes in tomorrow and will need an anaesthetic, not so safe for a rabbit.
  • We've also got university visits planned for my Daughter.
  • I've ordered business cards, with contact details on for the show.
  • I've bought some 'rustic wooden crates' for my stall at the show. (more rustic than I wanted but hey ho)
  • Penny has been booked in for a groom. (similar to shearing a sheep)
  • The best news so far this month was in a report from Alder Hey Hospital. Reading between all the hospital speak, it says the treatment my Sons having is helping. So we've  some more treatment booked in for August but hopefully the improvements will continue.

If you are interested in seeing my animals, I now have a dedicated Instagram page, link below.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Lancaster Canal - Walking with a smelly dog.

Saturday started with a quick trip to the library, then the local garden centre, not to buy plants but to drop my Daughter at her new(ish) saturday job.

We then set off for a canal side walk.

My Son wasn't overly excited because its not Xbox, typical pre-teen.

The weather was very changeable.

Gloriously sunny and hot, then windy with rain.

Lunch out was a reward, we all needed a pick-me-up because of Penny the beast!

She did it again, she rubbed herself in something unmentionable.
(She did this during the Easter Holidays. It better not be another bad habit)

So we walked for about six miles, five of them with a stinky dog.

Then back home, windows down, ready to bath the dog.

I'm trying to finish our challenge from 2016, which was to cycle the length of the Lancaster Canal.
Due to my Sons health problems we will be doing shorter sections and not always on bikes.

More of the Lancaster Canal here, here, here, here & here.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Woodwork with Penny

In my proper job I use 3D Cad, I draw mechanical handling equipment and although I find it interesting most people zone out if I chat about it.

One big bonus is that I have the software at home, ready for my own small projects. 
On Thursday I thought 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a bee hive in my garden, but without huge amount of bees and the white suits'

So fast forward to Thursday lunch time and I'm at the wood yard ordering my wood!

On Sunday morning, fuelled with tea and assisted by Penny the dog, we made a start on my beehive.

The rest of the family went to the cinema.

Penny was my only assistant BUT she doesn't like me sawing wood or using the drill or hammering nails, she sit in the house and watches through the door.

She does like off cuts of wood, which she carries onto the the grass to chew!!!

So the finished bee hive. 
It has a hinged lid and now contains my trowel and kneeling pad.

Doesn't she look proud of her achievement.

Also Penny doesn't make cups of tea, she doesn't put away tools or sweep up and in case of an emergency (if I cut my finger off with the saw) she cannot phone for help BUT she looks pretty . . . . .

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The two parts of the Easter Holidays

 Our Easter Holidays have been in two parts this year, the bad and the good.
The bad wasn't so bad in the end.
My son had another round of treatment at AlderHey Childrens Hospital, so it was a few days away for the two of us.

We had hours and hours of sitting in the hospital while he had his infusions.
He watched Youtube while I watched daytime TV.
We met lots of lovely Staff, who made his stay (and my time) bearable. 

Then on day three we got to go home.
Last time he was quite ill afterwards, so we didn't plan any grand days out.

But today we left the house!!

We headed for Lancaster on a gloriously sunny day.

Lots of laughing and a little shopping.

All the time watching my son for signs . . . . . . is he tired? Is he in pain? Is he limping?
 The list goes on.

In the distance is the Ashton Memorial (& butterfly house) and even though the children are now 12 & 16, as we walk down the hill they both say 'ooh can we go to the butterfly house?'

Look at them, my little girl and my baby boy, they're as tall as me!!
When did that happen?

Monday, 8 April 2019

Another day another animal head!!

 For the last few weeks my sewing machine (the one I borrowed off  my Mum several years ago) has been working hard.

I've made a small Pony Club!

Then I found some beautiful green fabric (Not a great photo).
So, can you think of any green animals?

Well there's Archie the Triceratops!

And Ezra the Crocodile.

The sewing machines having a rest this week because its the Easter Holiday, let the sun shine and the rain stay away!

Friday, 22 March 2019

Another catch up

Following on from my Fox, Oliver, I bought yet more fabric. . . . 

So with black and white fabric, we now have Hugo the Panda Bear.

We have Baxter the Polar bear (he looks pretty serious in his photo)

I've also spent the morning looking for chicken beak fabric . . . .

Then made a whole clutch of chickens!!  

Then by special request I made a Badger for the local Scout group ( There mascot is a badger)

And although I named him Colin (great name for a badger!!) the Scouts are re-naming him Brock.
Doesn't he look great wearing his neckerchief?

And finally I had a post delivery on Sunday!
My post had travelled around the town, eventually arriving at my brothers
 (My Sister in Law has the same name as me).

It was a lovely letter from my Friend in Sweden with some Swedish chocolate called Plopp.
(It was quite spooky as my brother arrived with the letter just before we set off to Ikea)