Sunday, 27 October 2019

Half Term

Half Term has gone in a flash.

We started the week with a lovely visit to Lytham.
(Penny nearly jumped in the fountain, luckily she was on a short lead and my Daughter was quick)

It was glorious, just what we needed!

I've also made another animal. He'll be going on my Folksy shop this week.

The biggest event of the half term break was a trip to Alderhey Childrens Hospital. My son was having treatment for CRMO. We had three days at the hospital, fuelled by junk food (anything to make him happy).
Back home on Friday night.

Saturday was the day to finish off another new animal, my whale.
The debate was barnacles or no barnacles?

Sunday and we all got some extra time in bed (Clocks going back)

But we also had time for a family walk!!
(not sure how happy that made the children)

We headed off to Langden Brook

Penny had a great time, lots of puddles and mud.

After my Sons hospital treatment he has lots of new pains, this time in his ankles, so we didn't walk far.

The next job is to gather together enough animals to put on a display at the local Library.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

September into October

Well its been a while since I did any Blogging, but I've been busy.

Lots of sewing has gone on!

The animals above have been packed up ..... 

and taken to Lancaster.

They are now part of the Wintertide exhibition at Arteria in Lancaster.
I'm so excited to be part of something so special.

In other (not so exciting) news, Me and Penny have attempted to do more walking.
I'm thinking we need some all weather gear because we've had some pretty wet walks so far.

My lovely little garden still has a bit of colour.

And finally, after 9 1/2 years of pink curtains in our living room (previous owners curtains)
I've made some new ones!! 
The window is extra wide, so I've 'adjusted' two pairs of curtains to make one pair of BIG curtains.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Another quick catch-up

Just a quick catch-up 
(if you don't follow me on Instagram)

Over the last few weeks I've . . . . . 

Looked after my Mum and Dads chickens whilst they went on holiday
 and I've tried to do a daily walk.

I've been asked to make a Beaver.

I've started and finished some Christmas decorations.

I visited the Harrogate Quilt show and bought a lovely book.
I made the Badger but he's still naked.

I made some mini animal heads, the lion being the favourite.

We visited the beach with Penny and she went in the sea, to above her knees, for the first time.

And lastly, I've spent some time in the garden, just sitting with a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Sunshine and showers

August is all about sunshine and showers.

On a lovely sunny day earlier this month we visited Lytham Hall

There's a lovely plant shop and cafe.

Lots of walking for Penny (the dog)

 We have had a few showers, although the children do love a 'stay at home day'

My Sons had another round of bone strengthening treatment at Alderhey Hospital.
Three days, fuelled by cake and KFC, hes an absolute star!!

We visited Preston's Markers Market and I met the lovely Beth, the designer and maker of this beautiful card. Pop over to Instagram and have a look @_field_day

Also this week I finished two horses. One with a grey nose and one without.

We had a lucky break with the weather and visited Lancaster.

Then the best day of the week, we headed to Blackpool Zoo.
It was a party of ten, my parents, my sister and brother in law, my two children and three of my nieces. It was a day filled with laughter, lots of wasps, a few cheeky seagulls and lots of animals!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

'Mum, did you look at the weather?'

The answer is yes, I did look at the weather, but I needed to get out!

The children needed some fresh air and Penny needed a walk.

But the thunder started as we got in the car.

The rain started as we drove down the street.

The rain bounced off the road as we drove to our destination.

And it rained and rained as we walked happily along.

But it was nice to get out (for me and Penny)

Everywhere is so lush and green

But the storm clouds didn't leave . . . . 

Lets hope the sun is coming out soon.

Monday, 29 July 2019

A few days away

We've had a super busy, gloriously hot, few days away.

First we headed to Edinburgh
(lots of pictures, in no real order)

The gates to The Botanical Gardens, very beautiful but difficult to photograph!

My smallish boy has just turned thirteen, so he was having a 'teenagers rest'

Beautiful lavender, covered in bees and smelling divine.

Look at all the shells 


And a pine cone ceiling!

Next we visited Berwick upon Tweed

The weather couldn't have been nicer.

We drove on, stopping at Seahouses for a spot of rock pooling

The smallish boy spotted this unknown sea creature and I was instructed to take a snap so we could identify it later. (still not done that)

 Another day and another beautiful day out.

Alnwick Gardens

Last time we visited I was pregnant with the smallish boy!!

Then onto Alnwick Castle

You imagine the thick castle walls will make it lovely and cool inside . . 
You would be wrong!

We walked back through the town, then the gardens.

And another set of beautiful gates (also difficult to photograph)

  Then to the beach.

My family all know, that for me a holiday near the sea isn't complete until you've dipped your toes in the sea.

Look at my beachcomber boy.... 

Although we're back home now, fingers crossed for more days out over the summer.