Monday, 22 October 2018

Half Term - Lowther Castle

Hallelujah its Half term!

The sun was shining this morning as we set off for 'A Grand Day Out'

What could be better than a dog walk around Lowther Castle.

The sun was sneaky, one minute it was glorious, then its gone and it was cold and wintry.

Last time we visited was back in 2015 during the summer holidays.

The 'indoor' garden had only just been planted.

What it looked like during the summer, I'm not sure, but it was beautiful today.

All the Autumn colours coming through.

Unfortunately this was just when the rain started.

It was a lovely visit. 

My children are still impressed by a play park, but today they where wowed by The Hidden Castle. (sadly no dogs allowed).
Take a look at some of the images on google, its well worth a visit with young children.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Meet my new friend, Dominic the 2nd.

 This week I've finally decided its time to say goodbye to Dominic. 
I made him many years ago but he's had a bad year and he's lost his antlers!!

I fancied recreating Dominic in wood but feared it would be quite heavy and if it fell it could crush a child!!! (I come from a family that likes to 'over engineer')

So I turned to the large amount of fabric I have and a couple of hours on Pinterest.

Lots of sketching followed, with a bit of ironing, then lots of cutting out.

During the sewing was more trimming, lots of head scratching, ooh and I had to keep the family fed.

Late last night I made a sewing error and decided the day was finished and Friday would start with 'unpicking'.

Then stuff, stuff and more stuff(ing)

Two matching buttons, which should be easy but. . . . . . 

Finally we had eyes. (no more 'no eye deer' jokes)

The final sewing up required a piece of wood (for the enclosed back plate) and two small garden canes (to support the antlers).

So there you have it, Dominic the 2nd. I tried him in the hallway, but hes pretty big and I fear someone will knock him down.

So hes now in the front room / lounge.
I really love him.
Just think how great he will look over Christmas, I'll add a red nose and a bit of tinsel . . .
How many deer heads should your average house have? 
Because I really want to make some more . . . . . 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Autumn Bunting

A few weeks ago I decided we needed a autumn fire place display.

I'm not a big fan of typical orange autumn decorations.

But I do love bunting!

With the bunting up and my jars filled with candles, I still wasn't happy.

Then I spotted these lovely little gourds, they are just so cute.

Just need to keep an eye on Penny, she keeps having a sniff, wondering if they're edible!!

Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Giants Final Visit

What a day we've had!!

After an early start, we boarded the train to Liverpool.

The Giants had returned for a final trip around the city

We watched the giant waking on a boat in the docks. Then watched him as he headed off into the city.

The crowds where enormous and it was difficult to get anywhere near the front.

We had a quick picnic lunch then tried to see the little boy and his dog.

My Brother-in-law was determined and he got the picture of the dog and the Giant soaking his feet.

So pleased we made the effort to see them again. (previous visit)

There are some great photos and videos online but nothing beats seeing them in the 'flesh'.

Monday, 1 October 2018

The Camber Set

At the start of September I purchased the Merchant and Mills pattern for The Camber Set.

I bought some cheap denim look fabric.

Then out came the grease proof paper!!

I always trace the pattern as 
 I'm always a bit cautious about pattern sizes.
(High street sizes and pattern sizes always seam to differ)

The dress went together well until I tried it on!!

My measured size, which I'd traced out and cut, was too big!
So a quick adjust, sew down both sides and try on again.

I added some pockets which breaks up the plain front.

I love this dress, it fits and feels great.

Last week, whilst wearing dress one I made dress two!!

I had lots of the denim fabric left but wanted to add another fabric.

I had to re traced the smaller pattern.

But the dress came together really quickly.

I did have the beginnings of a cold/cough, so I left all the tying in of ends for another day. 

This time I added some side pockets. 

So the pattern cost £14.50 and the fabric was a bargain at £7.50 for 3 metres.

That's two dresses for £22 

I've since bought some fabric for a top!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

My Hexi Quilt

Well the quilt is as quilted as its going to get.

In the end I was impatient and just machine quilted it.

Very simple, but I'm really happy with the end result.

Its bright, cheery and warm on a autumn evening.
(According to my Daughter who has already claimed it as hers) 

So the next project was the Merchant and Mills dress.

And as always, Penny is ready to help!