Friday, 1 May 2020

A quick look at April

So its May already.
April has flown
 by . . . . 

Earlier on in April I made myself a chicken using some scraps of fabric. . 

Quite a lot of head scratching and  lots of ironing.
(Then I put it back in the sewing cupboard. I think at the moment its about keeping busy and the fact its unfinished or practically useless doesn't matter) ) 

I've spent a lot of time in the sunshine, drinking tea and chatting with the rabbit. 
(First sign of madness is talking to yourself, not sure what it means when you talk to the Rabbit)

The children did a bit of baking. Just look at the difference, that boy has grown!

The green house is full of seed trays. Lots of my seeds where out of date but worth a shot.

BB8 (the rabbit, named after a starwars character) had a little photo shoot, he was very difficult to manage. Wouldn't sit still and just wanted to run off with the apple!

I did a little bit of hand sewing.

I made a little piggy

I watched a tutorial over on Instagram from Matt Sewell
 and then did a couple of Goldfinches myself.

Following on from my homemade gift for my niece last month, I made my Mum a Birthday card.

 And also a small gift.

And for the last make of the month, I made a letter H for our garden. Our surname begins with H and as soon as it's dry I'll position it somewhere. 

This months I've also -

Just taxed my car even though I'm going nowhere!

Continued to home school my Son. I really don't want him to fall behind but we have very different ideas about study time. His attitude at the moment is great, so we are bumbling along. I appreciate I'm only teaching one child and have lots of respect and admiration for parents who have more than on child to teach.

April was going to be a month with lots of hospital appointments and treatment for my son, but they've all been cancelled. I didn't really want to visit the hospital but I'm also worried about leaving all his treatment without knowing when it will startup again. I'm watching him like a hawk, terrified his CRMO (Chronic Non Bacterial Osteomylitis) will flare up.

We've all had to get use to a new way of family life. This includes my partner working from home. His work computer has taken over the living room and there seems to be constant video calls going on, making it a no go area.

This month I've become a dog groomer! Poor old Penny has had her hair cut and I don't think shes happy. But whilst on a roll, I also trimmed my Sons hair and he said its fine.

My Mums Birthday was in April and we couldn't really celebrate. We did pop round early in the morning and put up banners and balloons outside but sadly it wasn't followed by a family party.

My Daughter has officially finished college. She isn't revising for her A levels as she planned but putting her faith in the work shes done so far and hoping for the results she wants. She has been furloughed from her part time job and now spends her days playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo.

We are now only shopping one day a week and I've just used the last tea bag.
 I'm drinking way more tea that I use to and I'm no longer enjoying a cuppa with friends.

I've spent a lots of time on the phone with my family this month, discussing what we're up to -nothing. But phone calls to my younger sister are now called 'teacher conferences' because shes also home schooling.

Anyway its the start of May today, a new month.
Today we've done some maths - volumes & trigonometry, we've discussed religion in the media and learnt about Scientology.
At 2:00 there is another tutorial over on Matt Sewells Instagram page.
But before all that I need to clean up dog vomit. . . . 

Stay Safe - Stay Home

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  1. It all sounds like a different world, so many changes. It all takes some getting used to I just pray that there are no long term effects on the children. Take care.