Friday, 29 March 2013


This week my Daughter has been in the Lake District.
We all missed her (my little boy said he didn't, could he get a rabbit instead of getting his sister back)

Yesterday I collected her from the bus and finally the balance was restored at our house.
The washing machine has been on almost constantly since she got back (even though she didn't wear all her clothes)

Slowly we are hearing tales of night walks, canoeing, snow houses, lake swimming. . . .and lots of late nights.
This morning my early riser was still fast asleep at 8:00 o'clock.

Happy Easter.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The sale comes to an end.

So at the start of March I took all my stuff to the local library for a sale.
This week the sale comes to an end.

On Saturday I will go up to collect the things that didn't sell.

Only then will I be able to see how much I've sold.

All the left overs will be boxed up.

Then what, what do you do with the leftovers?

Not enough stuff for table top sale but too much to keep!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

On my lovely table...

The first thing on my table this week was a surprise. (Yes I did order it and knew it was coming, but instead of Thursday it arrived on Monday.)
I ordered the 'I can cook' grater from Lakeland plastics.

This week we added to the growing collection of Lego.

And finally this week we did some packing. We had the list and all the stuff on our table. We packed and re packed. We took out, we added too and finally we zipped up the bag.
My Daughter is going to the Lake District for a school trip. (please keep your fingers crossed for the weather!!)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Easter Bunny

This week I haven't had much time for sewing. I did sneak in a cushion project!

With a Easter feel, I made a rabbit cushion for my little boy. Originally I was going to use fleece but then remembered about some 'fur'  fabric I once bought.

First I hand drew the rough shape and made some pattern pieces.

My little boy selected some contrasting fabric.

A bit of pinning, then sew. (it was about now I realised that several layers of fur fabric would be difficult to fit under the foot on the machine!!)

At this point you couldn't tell if the foot was up or down, the fabric was soooo thick. 
Surprisingly I only snapped one needle.

I added some velcro to the back. (zips and fur fabric is beyond my capabilities)

Then just add a sleepy face and send the two of them off to bed.
I expected the rabbit to sit on the bed, but when I checked on them later, the rabbit was under the covers. In the morning I was informed that 'Bubbles' the rabbit took up lots of  room in bed!!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

On my lovely table...

This week has been another hectic week, with plenty of school appointments, clubs and work. In between all that my table has been well used.

At the start of the week the postman delivered my sons Lego magazine. So out came the colours.. 

My son asked if we could make soda bread, so I got all the ingredients. Then he went off the idea so I made it myself!!!

Then whilst trying to email in this weeks work, we made Cuties sleeping bag.

The table is now cleared off ready for the week ahead. (where would I be without my lovely table)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ssh, she's sleeping...

My daughter has a special stuffed dog called Cutie. She will soon be going on a four day school trip with my daughter. So today I was informed that she needs a sleeping bag (the dog not my daughter!!)

We took a few dog measurements, then got out the rotary cutter and board.

I did some sewing (then some unpicking....)

Lots of pins, a little more sewing. Then turn it right side out and you have a snug, sleeping bag for a dog, sorry I mean Cutie.

I find that impulse sewing is often the best. Quick results, no debating colour's and sizes.
Job done!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hop little Bunny, hop....

Last week was very busy and not always 'nice' busy. So mid week I knew I needed a treat to look forward to. With Easter in mind, I hopped over to one of my favourite blogs. Little Cotton Rabbits.
Many moons ago I spotted the free pattern for tiny rabbits and thought this could be my treat for the week. (I am easily pleased!!)

So the printed pattern sat with me during the week, waiting for Saturday. Then I collected my wool and off I went, knit, knit, knit. . .

Bunny number 1, took a little time. . . but she was sooo worth it.

You cant just have one bunny, she would be lonely.

By Sunday night I had a little family. I might make some more before Easter. I have threaded some cotton through the top of there heads (it didn't hurt!!) and hung them from a twig for an Easter display!!

Do hop over to Little Cotton Rabbits, she really is so talented and creates the most beautiful knitted animals (with lovely outfits).

Monday, 11 March 2013

On my lovely table. . .

Last week my table has been used for work.  Not happy sewing, more sitting at a computer trying to get stuff done. (No photo, but you get the idea!!)

We did see some art....

And obviously some baking...

And best of all we finished the weekend like this (below)

 A nearly clear table, ready for another week.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!

Today was Mothers Day here in the UK. As with many occasions, the commercial side takes over. You can buy Mothers day cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates EVERYWHERE!!

We always opt for breakfast in bed (normally pretty early) and hand made cards. How relaxing to hear the discussion of what to make, followed by the sound of children balancing a tray whilst walking up stairs. All the time, fully expecting a loud crash!!!

This year my Daughter decided to make a cake for Grandma!!

This cake tin needs a 8 egg mix!! Once the baking is done (nearly one hour) the cake needs to cool. Last time I became impatient and iced it when it was still slightly warm. Not the best idea! This time I left the cake over night.

My daughter made a flag for the top. Then we just had to transport it to my Mums.

We had a lovely time, both my Sisters (and families) came to visit. We sampled cake and the children played. Happy Mothers Day!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Book Day!!

So this week at school we have book day - where you go to school dressed as your favourite character from a book you've read.

My daughter decided to go as Lucy from the Chronicle's of Narnia. So on Sunday we did some sewing, making daggers, more sewing, making potion bottles(!!), more sewing, etc

This morning she tried the outfit on and was happy (bonus). Off she went to school.

My little boy has some very definite ideas. Although he has several shop bought outfits he said they wouldn't do, because he hadn't read the books. I suggested Harry Potter (because I would be able to rustle up an outfit) but once again he hadn't read the books!!

This morning he said he would go as Spiderman.
 (Yippee happy child and happy Mum)
Two minutes before we set off to school, the outfit was on the floor and a sulky look had spread across his face. 
So I stuffed an outfit in his bag and took him to school.

Please let him have a good day and come home with a smile on his face...

Is it just boys, or just my boy?

How glad am I that I hadn't spent all of Sunday sewing an outfit for him!!!