Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Making a rabbit hutch in a day (well nearly)

So if you read my blog you will know that we have a new rabbit.

We needed a hutch and fast. BB8 (The Rabbit) was living in the garage in a dog crate, being lifted out on nice days and put back at night.

I know you can buy hutches at big named pet stores and that would be quick and the cost didn't put me off. But I've always ended up with very 'chewy' rabbits and I'm not convinced they are rabbit proof.

So with an eye on cost (I haven't grown my money tree yet) we headed to the local wood yard, this is where driving a small family bus comes in handy, although it was pretty close to Sons head!!. I'd already done some sketching, size calculations and located a space outside for the finished hutch!!!

I managed to get some roofing material off my brother-in-law and bought some mesh from the DIY store.

Everything was ready when we got back from York, we just needed a sunny day.

I had my sketches (on the back of a school letter) to refer to and any minor changes took place as we put it together.

All went well, just stopping for food it was nearly all done in the day.

With the roof attached, it was watertight.

Sunday morning we attached the catches ready for him to move in.

We've attached a run to the front so he can 'play out' but the little beast can jump out, from a standing start, straight over the top!! So he needs supervision until I can sort out a mesh/net top.

But hes still a handsome chap.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

York - On our way home

The weather has been glorious for our trip away, but on friday we had to go home.

We bought a picnic but needed a suitable location on route to home.

We decided to stop at the beautiful Harlow Carr.

My photos, although not great, give you an idea of what a beautiful place it is.

Even though the car parks where full, it doesn't feel super busy.

The alpine house make me want to empty my greenhouse of tomato plants and buy alpines, lots of them!!!

They have a huge area set out as a veg garden and although it covers a large area, lots of the ideas and plants could be grown in a small plot.

We could have stayed a lot longer but we all felt exhausted and needed home.

Back to washing, house work, school supply shopping and making a rabbit hutch !!!

Monday, 29 August 2016

York - Sunshine and showers

 One of the obvious York attractions is the minster.

We had a little look inside, but didn't pay for the full visit.

Back into the sunshine!!

Another great attraction in York. . . . . . . 

It was super busy, which isn't great for photos but there's lots to see.

Lots of things stored, you could spend hours in this part alone.

Having started my career on the drawing board I couldn't resist a photo of these beautiful old drawing, all hung up like in the traditional cabinets.

Train restoration area, its a lot tidier than the workshops I've been in but still has the 'engineering smell'

You could spend hours and hours wondering around looking at trains but the children where hungry so we headed back into York.

But we had lost the sunshine and now had pretty bad showers. Puddles everywhere and not a clue which direction we where heading!!!
(lots of wet feet and coats)

Friday, 26 August 2016

York in the sunshine

 So last week, as a bit of a break from the 'normal summer holiday stuff', we had a trip to York.
We planned to stay a couple of night, so had time to pack our days full without the long drive home.

We had glorious weather on the first day.
We parked up outside the city and hopped on the 'Park & Ride'

We had a lovely wall along the city walls, peeping into the gardens, spotting a camper van for my sister!!!!

We walked along the river and discussed the idea of a boat trip!!

Then around the shops,....
(more photos to come later or maybe tomorrow, when I've had another 10 cups of tea to recover)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lancaster Canal part 3

Today my Daughter went to see some friends, so it was just the two of us at home.
Me and my Son!!

I have lots to do at home, all jobs and all pretty mundane.

So we packed our lunch, loaded up our bikes and set off for the Lancaster Canal.

Whilst I sat in the shade (it was very hot!!) my Son fed the ducks some of his donut.
(I realise this isn't healthy for the ducks, but hey ho it was only a bit)

The route today took us from Barton Grange Garden centre to bridge 64
 (where the A6 crosses the canal).
Then we cycled back down the A6.

In total we did about 7.5 miles, in the baking heat and we're both shattered.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Beside the sea side, beside the sea. . . . . .

School holidays always involve a trip to the beach.

Today's beach was Blackpool, not the prom section but further down the coast near the airport. 

Its was windy, too windy for hair styling on the beach!!!!

It was wellies for me and my Daughter but my Son chose some lovely purple crocs!!

Normally the wind on the beach is chilly no matter what time of year but today it was lovely and warm, almost tropical.


Obviously I collected a few shells . . . . 

My son enjoyed some digging whilst my daughter hoped for rescue.
(It wasn't her idea of fun, she's passed digging in the sand with her hands.
Now if she had her spade . . . . . well that would be different)

We had a very hot drive home.

Just time for my son to make Focaccia bread.
How messy that boy gets, "Go on then, if you've finished kneading it you can lick your hands" 
Minutes later he has dough all over his face!!!