Monday, 29 August 2016

York - Sunshine and showers

 One of the obvious York attractions is the minster.

We had a little look inside, but didn't pay for the full visit.

Back into the sunshine!!

Another great attraction in York. . . . . . . 

It was super busy, which isn't great for photos but there's lots to see.

Lots of things stored, you could spend hours in this part alone.

Having started my career on the drawing board I couldn't resist a photo of these beautiful old drawing, all hung up like in the traditional cabinets.

Train restoration area, its a lot tidier than the workshops I've been in but still has the 'engineering smell'

You could spend hours and hours wondering around looking at trains but the children where hungry so we headed back into York.

But we had lost the sunshine and now had pretty bad showers. Puddles everywhere and not a clue which direction we where heading!!!
(lots of wet feet and coats)

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