Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sunshine and showers.....

So this week we have been dodging showers camping in the Lake District.

We booked a few nights at Hawkshead Hall and crossed our fingers the weather would be kind.

We had 'sunny with a chilly wind' sort of weather.

The children went through LOADS of clothes.

And now we are back the washing machine is a constant hum, load number four I think. . . . . 

Hope everyone's having a lovely half term.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Frozen at Forty!!

This weekend we where all invited to a 'Frozen Themed' birthday party.

There had been lots of talk about Dressing Up!!

Me and my daughter bought cheap Frozen T shirts, but we struggled to get one for my son. (I didn't bother trying to get one for my other half) 

So Friday morning before school we made a simple fleece hat, checking it fits before he headed out to school. Then I just added the big teeth, eyes and carrot nose!!!

We also made some snowflake biscuits. The children did the decorating and 'cleaned' the icing bowl and 'tidied' away all the left over sprinkles!!!

The party went really well. All the biscuits where eaten and our outfits went down well! I have now passed my T shirt onto my Daughter, I'm really not sure there designed for anyone who's forty plus!!!

P.S He's got the hat on his hand in the photo above, it makes it look huge, but it only just fit.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Biscuits and Bluebells

This mornings job was to make biscuits for a Frozen themed birthday party tomorrow. Luckily I had a snowflake biscuit cutter. So sixty or so biscuits later we decided to head out for a walk
(the icing and decorating will be in the morning before we set off for the party)

We stayed pretty local and went to see the bluebells at Brock Bottoms.

Everything looks so fresh and green.

We had a look at the ruins of the cotton spinning mill.

 Its great to be outdoors with the sun on your face.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I went to market and I bought. . . . . .

Do you remember that game? Anyway I digress.

I went to the shops and I bought
Guinea pig food
Weed killer
& six photo frames.

I removed the glass and the original pictures.

Ready for some paint.

In between coats of paint I fed the guinea pig and did my weed killing!

This morning before school I had an idea which would fill a gap on my wall.

A little bit of gardening wire, paper and double sided tape. . . . 

There we have it!!

(The top picture still needs the stand on the back removing, then a bit of levelling up!!)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cuerden Valley Park

Today started out with Me and Little boy looking for newts at the local country park. The ranger told us lots of interesting facts about newts and we got the chance to hold a smooth newt (I decided not too but Little boy told me it was slimy)

After lunch, even though the weather was a bit wet we headed out to Cuerden Valley Park

We only had Little boy with us, Big girl has gone away for the weekend with her friend and family.

 We walked at quite a pace, to keep up with our cyclist. But I did manage to spot some Bluebells, May flowers and a Skunk cabbage.

We had a look in the walled garden before heading back to the river.

Next time hopefully the weather will be a little bit warmer!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Waiting for the weather . . . .

Like lots of you out there, I've been out in the garden these last few weeks.

The weather has been a bit unsettled this week, but still, the garden doesn't  tidy itself.

The other week I re-planted my white sink (above) with new alpines.

This made the tatty trellis above it look even worst, so after a rummage round in my Dads 'wood store' I set about making some new trellis.

Progress was slow. Although the photo looks like a bright sunny day, don't be fooled.
It was very cold and the black clouds came in quick, threatening rain.

I had to wait for assistance to put the new trellis up so as not to damage my clematis.
The resident of my bird house was not impressed, no not a bird, a bl**dy big bee.
I did try to get his/her photo, but he/she wasn't impressed. If anyone has any ideas what sort of bee it was I be really interested!! 

Back to the trellis. Its all done, the clematis is all tied in ready for the flowers.
Unfortunately the photo make the weeds look really bad, better get back out there. . . . .