Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cuerden Valley Park

Today started out with Me and Little boy looking for newts at the local country park. The ranger told us lots of interesting facts about newts and we got the chance to hold a smooth newt (I decided not too but Little boy told me it was slimy)

After lunch, even though the weather was a bit wet we headed out to Cuerden Valley Park

We only had Little boy with us, Big girl has gone away for the weekend with her friend and family.

 We walked at quite a pace, to keep up with our cyclist. But I did manage to spot some Bluebells, May flowers and a Skunk cabbage.

We had a look in the walled garden before heading back to the river.

Next time hopefully the weather will be a little bit warmer!!

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  1. What a great walk, its been a lot cooler here too.