Sunday, 20 March 2016

Williamson Park

After being confined by cough/cold bugs for what seems like forever we finally ventured out on Saturday.

We headed up to Williamson Park  in Lancaster.

The children ran off through the woods, aiming to be the first to see Ashton Memorial.

Around the back of the Memorial is the Butterfly House. 

Butterflies are very difficult to photograph . . . .  

This Butterfly was having lunch!!

Ooh going down the steps is so much easier than going up.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A fishy tail. . .

Last week, just before I came down with the lurgy, I purchased some 'sparkly pink and silver' fabric.

Yesterday, whilst looking after my sick little boy, I decided to sew.
(My son was only just 'unfit' for school,  happy watching TV and playing with Lego)

It's a fishy project for my two little nieces.

The idea is to make two 'sleeping bag' sort of things, for sofa sitting, story reading, film watching, etc

Number one took lots of puzzling, head scratching.
But all was worth it (just wish I'd made one my size)

So the final fishy tails. . . . . . 

Lovely fleece lined mermaid tails.

You can imagine the scene, my two beautiful blonde nieces, sitting on the sofa watching The Little Mermaid, sitting in there mermaid tails. . . . . . . The  trouble is I know them. The smaller of the two won't sit still and has an aversion to being 'dressed up'. The older of the two will probably say 'Mermaids don't have pink tails, you know?'

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Big mean bugs.

Well what a week its been. 
The bugs flying round this house are big and mean.

It all started on Mothers Day when my other half started with a cold.
After one day at work he was bedridden on Tuesday!!

On Wednesday my son fell over at his friends, taking some skin off his hand but he seemed OK.
Thursday I started with the worst cold I've ever had and spent most of the day in bed.

Our parenting skills where put to the test, getting the children fed and out to school when you can hardly get out of bed is really hard. Add into that my son needed his hand bandaging !!

So by Saturday, fuelled by Lemsip we had to take him to Primary Care.
Now hes on medication for his hand but hes started with a cold, when will the sickness end . . . . 

On a lighter note, I'm feeling a lot better. definatly able to cope with a snotty boy.

Today the weather has been glorious and after being stuck inside for days (it feels like weeks), I played out all morning. The green house is now lovely and tidy and ready for seed planting!!