Thursday, 29 August 2013

A little bit of salt. . .

Today we had a day out. 
The holidays are close to 'THE END' and as always I panic and try to fit loads in.
We headed to Saltaire Village which we have never visited before. The early part of the journey was straight forward, covering routes we had taken before. The second part of the journey was new and it was then my co-pilot informed me that 'she really should have brought her glasses'. (we should have thrown the map book away then really!!)

Anyway, we did arrived and in one piece.

We headed for the tourist information center.
With our guide book in hand off we went.

Salts Mill is huge . . . 

On the top floor was a exhibition called 'Cloth & memory' which runs until the 3rd November. On the other floors they had some permanent exhibitions of David Hockney's, cafes, book shops, art supplies . . . 

Back out side, we followed our guide book which took us through the beautiful village.

The time had come to head home, this time we took a different route (no co-pilot required).

We headed for Skipton because they just happen to have a fabric shop on the outskirts of the town.(Its only a small detour to Emsbay Mills)

Back home with a cup of tea and some lovely new fabric!!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bank Holiday Phobia!!

I don't really like Bank Holidays, we very rarely go out and tend to have stay at home days. I always think it will be far too busy where-ever we go, full of the bank holiday crowds!!

This August Bank holiday the weather here was glorious, we really needed to go out.

We loaded up our picnic basket and the children's scooters and set off. We had thought of heading to the beach, but ooh that would be way too busy. . .

We decided 'on route' to go to Lancaster for a walk/scoot along the canal.

We parked out of the city, along the side of the canal. The children scooted along, looking for fish, ducks swans, etc. After a while we turned off the canal and headed towards the city center. We passed one of my favorite shops, Viva Interiors, they sell lovely things for little girls & boys. Sadly it was shut, boo to Bank Holidays!

We went to a few shops, then headed for the castle

We have visited Lancaster for longer than I can remember and the castle's main gates have always been shut.  Up until quite recently the castle was still being used as a prison but now they are finally open. You can take a tour, sit on the grass, have a coffee in the cafe. . . we did sit on the grass but didn't have time for the tour or the coffee and cake. 

We went back towards the canal, this time dreaming of living on the bank of the canal. Maybe having a little boat house or fishing at the end of you garden. . . . 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Random . . . .

There has been a bit more activity in our garden since the arrival of Agnes and Margo.
We've had them out of the hutch nearly every day for a little bit of taming!!

I have the camera with me and I've taken loads of rabbit photos.

But surprisingly the photos haven't been very good.

Poor Agnes had to have a bath last week, she had a bit of trouble with her long hair and runny p**.
I'm hoping it was because she had eaten too much grass, so she is back on dry food only.
(any advice is more than welcome, bathing a rabbit is not something I want to do again!!)

Margo has developed a liking for the camera, so all shots of her are super CLOSE UPS.

Tonight I will be sewing again, name tags on uniform.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

A couple of days out !!

At the weekend we headed over to Lytham for the 1940's weekend

The weather was glorious and we had a great time.

There was lots to see.

Many people got dressed up for the event.

We even had a look at the 'camping' section! 

Back to work on Monday and Tuesday, but we had a day out planned for Wednesday to look forward to.

Wednesday we got up early and headed for the station.

Can you guess?  Yes we went to Liverpool.

After a look around a few shops (the Lego shop mainly!!) we went to the Museum of Liverpool.

It really is huge, with lots to look at.
(sorry i didn't take many photos)

We had a great time but wow I was shattered on the way home.

Luckily I had school shoe shopping to look forward to on Thursday!!!!

P.S. Got the shoes, cross that off the ever increasing list.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pet Sitting!

Who looks after your pets when you go on holiday? Well I'm lucky to have my Mum call in to feed our guinea pigs (and now bunnies) when we go away.
In return I feed her chickens when she's on holiday.
It all sounds simple until you meet the chickens!!

The sign at the gate warns you (beware cockerels)

Collect the food from the shed. . . . . 

March through the chickens up to the chicken shed. . . .  (don't show any fear)

Check your assistant is 'watching your back'

And if all else fails. . .  .RUN.

The reward today was four fresh eggs.

 And tomorrow . . . its not my turn. Good luck to my Sister, don't forget your running shoes . . . .

Sunday, 11 August 2013

New arrivals!!

I promised the children (and myself) that after we got back from camping we would get some pet rabbits.

We've always had rabbits at our house until earlier this year when Princess died. The rabbits in the past have always been 'second hand', older rabbits, either from the RSPCA or returned rabbits at the pet shop (no longer wanted). This has always been fine, but they can be a bit timid and not so friendly.

This time I wanted baby rabbit so that they can be handled from an early age.

Off we went on Friday, just to look and we ended up bringing back two new bunnies.

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning they had some quiet time to settle in.

Then they had a play out!!

They really are adorable.. (but quite tricky to photograph, well for me anyway)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Picnic Basket.

Last week I bought the Granny Chic book, I haven't had a proper look through it yet but was inspired by the image of a picnic basket.

I had to have one, now. So instead of concentrating on packing for our camping trip, I took a trip with my Sister to a local antique/retro/bric a brac/sort of shop.

I bought a basket. . . . .

I took the basket camping, just to store 'stuff' in, but really it was crying out for a cover.
So last night after we unpacked I had a rummage through my fabric.
The cover is double layered with a channel around the top for a drawstring. The draw string has a length of elastic in the center to make a snug fit around the basket.
(Sorry no  photos of the process, I was in a big hurry to get it finished)

Its a very simple cover that will be easily removed if it gets dirty. 
(there would be a full inquest with cross examinations and the family member may be banished from any further picnics!!)

So now we need an outing to try it out. 
(I won't be hand making sandwiches, I will just buy them from the shop and put them in)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Internet, Camping and Monsoon weather.

Where has the time gone. . .
Last week we had no internet. Shock Horror. No surfing, no catching up on blogs, no blog posting  and no work related emails!!!
Then before the problem was resolved we packed up to go camping.

The car, as always was full to bursting. (note my new basket - basket project to follow!)

We set up camp on Sunday, just outside the village of Hawkshead in the Lake District. The campsite was called Hawkshead Hall, we haven't been before but would definitely recommend it.
Its just a short walk into the village and its not along the road side. (so no not so much yelling at the children to be careful)


We had a lovely BBQ on Sunday night, then it started to rain... and rain.... and rain. Our tent has survived lots of showers but the water pooled on top of the tent and by Monday morning we nearly had a calapse.

Luckily my Sister had a tarpaulin which we covered the tent with and went out. (well you can't just sit and watch the rain!!)

We headed to Ambleside and then onto Grasmere. The weather didn't encourage much photo taking other than the outside of the lovely gingerbread shop and yes I bought some, it is delicious!!

The tent was still standing when we got back so we booked for another night.

Tuesday the weather was much better and we headed out to Grizedale Forrest.

We did look for the sculptures but maybe we should have got a map !!

On  Wednesday the weather was even better, glorious sunshine. 

We went to Rydal, just outside of Ambleside and had a walk along the Coffin Road (or corpse road).

"Corpse roads provided a practical means for transporting corpses, often from remote communities, to cemeteries that had burial rights, such as parish churches and chapels of ease"
taken from Wikipedia.

The views are beautiful, often with glimpses of the lake through the trees.

Once again we stopped in Grasmere, this time with much better weather.

We headed back along the same route but had a few more rest stops (it was very hot).

My little boy is often called 'eagle eyes', he can spot a bug or a spider in a flash.
(He is still unable to locate his shoes before school, but that's something else)

On our walk back he spotted this beetle. He wanted some photos so he could find in in his bug book.

Back home today, the tent and all the stuff is packed away, the washing line is full and the washing machine is still going, but we had a great time.