Thursday, 22 August 2013

A couple of days out !!

At the weekend we headed over to Lytham for the 1940's weekend

The weather was glorious and we had a great time.

There was lots to see.

Many people got dressed up for the event.

We even had a look at the 'camping' section! 

Back to work on Monday and Tuesday, but we had a day out planned for Wednesday to look forward to.

Wednesday we got up early and headed for the station.

Can you guess?  Yes we went to Liverpool.

After a look around a few shops (the Lego shop mainly!!) we went to the Museum of Liverpool.

It really is huge, with lots to look at.
(sorry i didn't take many photos)

We had a great time but wow I was shattered on the way home.

Luckily I had school shoe shopping to look forward to on Thursday!!!!

P.S. Got the shoes, cross that off the ever increasing list.


  1. That does look lovely...and such fun.

  2. Two great days out,son going back to school...back to making pack-up and homework..