Thursday, 29 August 2013

A little bit of salt. . .

Today we had a day out. 
The holidays are close to 'THE END' and as always I panic and try to fit loads in.
We headed to Saltaire Village which we have never visited before. The early part of the journey was straight forward, covering routes we had taken before. The second part of the journey was new and it was then my co-pilot informed me that 'she really should have brought her glasses'. (we should have thrown the map book away then really!!)

Anyway, we did arrived and in one piece.

We headed for the tourist information center.
With our guide book in hand off we went.

Salts Mill is huge . . . 

On the top floor was a exhibition called 'Cloth & memory' which runs until the 3rd November. On the other floors they had some permanent exhibitions of David Hockney's, cafes, book shops, art supplies . . . 

Back out side, we followed our guide book which took us through the beautiful village.

The time had come to head home, this time we took a different route (no co-pilot required).

We headed for Skipton because they just happen to have a fabric shop on the outskirts of the town.(Its only a small detour to Emsbay Mills)

Back home with a cup of tea and some lovely new fabric!!!


  1. I live not far from Salts mill,it is one of my favourite places to visit,love looking at all the books. They have many good craft fairs and the Arts trail is a must,you get to wonder round peoples houses(posted about it on my Blog)and how great is the shop at Emsbay lots and lots of goodies there.Glad you had a good day out.

    1. I've just had a look at your post on the arts trail, it looked really good. I will definitely watch out for it next time.

  2. Looks a lovely place Sarah, can't wait to see what lovely things you produce with that fabric too. :) x

  3. Gosh that mill does look huge.

    Nina x