Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bean bag revamp.

I bought some new fabric on the way home from Saltaire last week. I had a project in mind but the first job was to wash the fabric. I try to wash the strong colours, normally there is no colour run but I never want to take the risk.

So whilst the fabric was blowing on the washing line I needed something to do!

A few weeks ago I bought some fabric to recover my sons bean bag. I made it  Father Christmas brought the bean bag a few Christmas's ago but the cover now needed updating.

I had washed the fabric just after I bought it, so it was ready to go.

Some measuring was required. . . 

I impressed myself with how well my seams lined up. . . 

Velcro for the fastener. . . . 

Then the tricky bit. By this time I was tired and wished I hadn't started. 

But all the pins where removed and I found a test subject!!

Better still the fabric was dry (hours ago!!) ready for the main event.

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