Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cut, sew, iron. . . .

So the fabric was washed and dried, then the cutting began.

Six fabrics, eight squares of each = a lot of cutting.

Then 48 squares of white fabric, draw on a diagonal line.

Sew together the coloured fabric and the white fabric on both sides of the line.

Cut along the line, then iron flat.

Trim the 'squares' so they are square!

Sew white fabric between the squares so they form strips.

Pin the strips to a sheet to keep the pattern in order.

Sew strips between the strips!

I remembered to iron as you go but forgot to tidy, what a mess!!


  1. I admire your patience. I would have given up after the first square ... which of course, would not have been square!

  2. They look great,very neat and tidy even if the floor is not...

    1. Cleaning the floor really tested the Hoover!!

  3. It's all so neat! It's always fascinating to see how these quilts take shape. x