Saturday, 28 September 2013

My secret sewing project!

A little background : Just over a year ago a very good friend of mine, Sally packed up her family and moved to Sweden. She then learnt the language and started up her very own small business, just like that!!

So onto the sewing project.

I thought I'd have a go at applique. So I copied the logo from Sally's new cupcake business and printed it out. Then, out with the baking paper and I traced around the shapes.

I transferred the pattern onto some iron on stiffener (but didn't neatly cut out the shape), then ironed it onto the felt. Then trimmed out the pieces neatly.

The pieces where then sewn onto the bag fabric.

The wording was next. Once again I traced this off the logo onto baking paper. I then forced the temporary sewing pen through holes in the paper to make small marks (its difficult to describe !!). I joined up the marks to make the wording, then just hand sewed it with black thread.

Once all my pieces where sewn into place I made up the bag, using the lovely floral fabric as a liner, around the top and for the handles.

I was really happy with the finished bag and also a bit reluctant to send it in the post. I then had a chance meeting with Sally's Mum and Dad in the local supermarket, who just happened to be travelling to Sweden the following week, hence the special delivery!!

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  1. Your bag looks really good, not tried Appliqué....must give it a go.