Thursday, 19 September 2013

Is it hat weather ?

So as the children had there breakfast this morning I wrestled  did the last few stitches of my hat. Ooooh how glad I am to finish it.

There has been some disasters along the way, several times I slipped stitches off the needles as I went and had to frantically try and recover them.
Occasionally there has been some 'taking back'.
There has been a lot of chanting counting out loud.
I have half watched TV but followed nothing.. . . . .
(not to mention having to re-start the hat several times)

But I did finish it!!!!

So here is the hat modelled by my young assistant (before she dashed off to school)

Here is the hat with a well earned cup of tea and a 'never to be used again' pattern.

And finally here is the left over wool. I only used one 50g ball of the wool I bought, but before you say it, no I won't be knitting another out of the other ball!!


  1. Well done you....the hat looks really good.

  2. That hat is absolutely beautiful! i love it!!!! well done you for persevering, you must be very proud of yourself! :) x