Sunday, 25 November 2012

Finished !!

Finally I have a finished project to show you.
Table Runner
 Finished size 870mm x 310mm
(Sadly not the best light to take photos.)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Grand Day Out!

So yesterday I set off to Harrogate for my Grand Day Out. I dropped my son off at school (but kept my daughter off!!). We packed some lunch and loaded the car up with a gaggle of Girls and off we went. Its a bit of a trek to Harrogate but with lots of chatter, we soon arrived.

Boy was it busy. This will be maybe our fourth annual trip to The Knitting and Stitching Show and we are never disappointed. I took my camera but I'm sorry to say I took very few photos. Its so busy and selfishly I just want to look round (not repeatedly take my camera out of the bag, wait for the crowd to part, take a photo, put camera back in bag!!)

 This photo was taken in the Grand Hall (I think its called that) where we stopped for some lunch.

My Daughter has been watching the new Kirstie Allsopp series, so we had beautifully folded napkins to go with our lunch!

So, do you want to see what I got, well.....
Some lovely fabric from Pin It and Stitch (for some projects I am currently storing in my head!!)
And a bit more fabric (that I couldn't resist!!) from Favourite Fabrics.

This Little Bunny just had to come home with us, I really want to make it but my Daughter said its for her. (I might help!!)

The last thing I came home with was a lovely (surprise) gift off my Mum. During a recent visit to Lancaster I admired a little purse in Arteria, which she went back and bought for me on another visit!!.

Isn't it cute! Surprisingly I still have some cash left over from yesterday, so I'm off to the local quilting shop to get the fabric I need to finish (yes I did say finish) my table runner. Watch this space!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A little bit of cutting.

So lets have a quick peep at 'what's on my sewing table' (yes, it also doubles as the dining table!!)

More photos to follow!!
Maybe when it's finished!!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Mittens for kittens (for me actually)

So following on from my last post I would love to show you my table runner. Sadly no, I didn't start it. But I did purchase some grey wool and knit myself some mittens!!!!

The idea was for some plain mittens with some pink spots. After a couple of hours on ravelry I had two patterns which I would adapt as I went along. (Bad idea for a novice knitter)

The first cuff I attempted three times, having to pull back in between.

The second cuff went well until I realise I was on the bigger needles (required for the main body of the mitten) so I had to pull that back. I really hate knitting two because they have to be the same!!

I won't show you the other side, but with all the loopy wool I thought I better have a lining. I would have used some fleece but I don't have grey, so I knit a liner. (you can just see it under the mitten)

So over to my glamorous assistant (and a gloomy kitchen, well it was late when I finished!!)

So today I will try out my new mittens on the school run. If I'm feeling fun I will have the patterned side showing or if I feel the Monday blues I will have the plain side showing.

I better go (no point going on the school run if the children are still in bed!!)

Friday, 9 November 2012

What to do????

Do you have projects that never get off the ground, ideas that never get out of your head, I do!! Some projects get to the stage of fabric buying but never progress any further. This week one 'head project' reached a new level, I bought a whole new selection of fabric even though I had already got some.

The project was a simple table runner for our table. (I won't go into the table saga - we have an oval table but I want a rectangular table!!!!)

So the first lot of fabric I bought many months ago, I took samples of wallpaper so that I could match the colours.

Then the debate, what to do. I had a look on the internet, then in some books, but still I wasn't sure.
So on Monday I bought some more fabric!!!

Still I have no ideas and now I have lots of christmas project in my head!!

So heres the fabric against the wallpaper. The photos dont do them justice, partly due to the light and the camera operator (me). Has anyone got any ideas?

p.s. I've started to think about knitting myself some more gloves (with spots on).
p.s. I really need to stop starting projects that I can't finish!!
p.s I need to look at fabric WITHOUT spots!!!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fabric, Paper, Card !

Today its just a quick post. We are supposed to be going to Barton Grange to see the Christmas decorations. We did all get in the car on Monday to go, but the car wouldn't start. Fingers crossed for today!!

This morning has been busy, the school holidays always involves starting things (games, drawing, hama beads, etc) but the clearing away seems to get forgotten.

I've also been making a mess this morning.

I've made a special Birthday card for someone in my family.

I really enjoyed the process of using fabric, paper and card. The tension on the sewing machine probably needed fine tuning but the overall card I think looks good.
P.S. If you are reading this and are related to me please note: look away if your birthday is this week or get ready, because you'll probably get a similar card when your birthday comes around!!!