Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fabric, Paper, Card !

Today its just a quick post. We are supposed to be going to Barton Grange to see the Christmas decorations. We did all get in the car on Monday to go, but the car wouldn't start. Fingers crossed for today!!

This morning has been busy, the school holidays always involves starting things (games, drawing, hama beads, etc) but the clearing away seems to get forgotten.

I've also been making a mess this morning.

I've made a special Birthday card for someone in my family.

I really enjoyed the process of using fabric, paper and card. The tension on the sewing machine probably needed fine tuning but the overall card I think looks good.
P.S. If you are reading this and are related to me please note: look away if your birthday is this week or get ready, because you'll probably get a similar card when your birthday comes around!!!


  1. Hi! I fancy your blog. I have been following you for awhile now but I have finally recently decided to create a blog for my family. Anywho, I awarded you with a blogger award on blog! You can click 'here' to see it. I hope you like it! Have a good one!

  2. Hi there, what a lovely girly card you have made! The coathanger wall hanging is gorgeous!
    By the way, I read some of your other blog posts. I know the carved tree, it's on Haslam park. We live close to one of the Guild Wheel routes where I walk my dog. You never know you might have cycled past us!
    Great photos of the beach. I collect shells and sea glass, one of the best places is on Shell Island off the coast of Wales.
    Wendy x