Friday, 9 November 2012

What to do????

Do you have projects that never get off the ground, ideas that never get out of your head, I do!! Some projects get to the stage of fabric buying but never progress any further. This week one 'head project' reached a new level, I bought a whole new selection of fabric even though I had already got some.

The project was a simple table runner for our table. (I won't go into the table saga - we have an oval table but I want a rectangular table!!!!)

So the first lot of fabric I bought many months ago, I took samples of wallpaper so that I could match the colours.

Then the debate, what to do. I had a look on the internet, then in some books, but still I wasn't sure.
So on Monday I bought some more fabric!!!

Still I have no ideas and now I have lots of christmas project in my head!!

So heres the fabric against the wallpaper. The photos dont do them justice, partly due to the light and the camera operator (me). Has anyone got any ideas?

p.s. I've started to think about knitting myself some more gloves (with spots on).
p.s. I really need to stop starting projects that I can't finish!!
p.s I need to look at fabric WITHOUT spots!!!

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  1. Picking fabric is so hard for me. I make more quilts than anything, so most of the time I just buy from a certain line so I know they coordinate. When I try to pick them myself I love them at first and then I inevitably second guess myself.

    Looking at your pictures, my eye was immediately drawn to the picture on the far right. (when looking at my screen) But then I totally get where you're going with the one on the left, too, the red might provide more of a focal point. Either way, I LOVE your wallpaper. Sorry, I'm useless.

    Anyway, I'm right there with you on starting too many projects to keep track of. I probably have a dozen WIPs right now.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.