Friday, 19 February 2016

Let battle commence . . . .

This week has been a battle.
I have been battling against technology.
I hope its not just at my house but it can be exhausting, trying to get your children to do something other than 'Technology'

Today we've been playing out, 
today we've made a 'Unique Bird Table'

My son enjoyed using power tools and I still have all my fingers!!! 
(You hold the wood Mum and I'll drill it!!)

By the time I was trying to weave in the 'trimmings from the garden' my son had wandered off, waving branches round chatting away about . . . . . well everything!!
Even though we where both absolutely frozen we really enjoyed ourselves.

In a bid to stay away from technology we have also:
Been for a family walk.
Cycled to my Mum & Dads (and cycled back).
Visited the garden centre.
Shopped for bike accessories.
Visited friends.
Enjoyed the sun at Beacon Fell.

Ooh and been out for Ice cream.

So am I alone in the battle with technology,
Are other parents not worried about the time children spend on technology?
How much time is OK?
What else can you do on a wet February day?

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Another day, another walk

So another day of half term, but sadly no sunshine.

Today we headed out to a nearby village for a walk.

As a party of eleven you definitely can't please everyone
and we did get quite a few 'I'm bored' 'how much farther' 'it's too cold' 'can we go home'

The boys enjoyed throwing moss to the ducks (we forgot bread or duck food) and they enjoyed throwing stones in the stream.

I think everyone enjoyed the hot drink and doughnut when we got back.

Tomorrow is forecast to rain, so what shall we do. . . . . 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Six + One = Beacon Fell

Today we've had beautiful sunshine.

For most of the morning I been waiting for a delivery,
 not very exciting but he did finally arrive at 1:00

 By this time I had six children to entertain
 (well maybe contain is a better word)

So Beacon Fell country park was my only chance of sanity.

In the photo above you can just see the four girls making a short film!!!

And in the photo above you can just make out the boys, running through the frosty grass, aiming there Nerf guns at . . . . . well only they knew!!!

We successfully broke the ice on the tarn without anyone going in (only just, a quick grab of a coat was all that saved us from wet boys) 

So a fully successful day, all children have been either delivered home or picked up and we are now back to two children.

Here's hoping for more sunshine.

Friday, 5 February 2016


 This is cheating . . . . 

I've used these photos before. . . . . 

There all on Instagram . . . . 

My Blogging blockage continues . . . .  

Nothing seems interesting enough to blog. . . . . 

Maybe its the January blues (running over into February)

But since my last post I've tried to up my walking,
I've eaten lots of cake and I've even got the sewing machine out to make some curtains for my sisters 'new to her' campervan.