Monday, 15 February 2016

Six + One = Beacon Fell

Today we've had beautiful sunshine.

For most of the morning I been waiting for a delivery,
 not very exciting but he did finally arrive at 1:00

 By this time I had six children to entertain
 (well maybe contain is a better word)

So Beacon Fell country park was my only chance of sanity.

In the photo above you can just see the four girls making a short film!!!

And in the photo above you can just make out the boys, running through the frosty grass, aiming there Nerf guns at . . . . . well only they knew!!!

We successfully broke the ice on the tarn without anyone going in (only just, a quick grab of a coat was all that saved us from wet boys) 

So a fully successful day, all children have been either delivered home or picked up and we are now back to two children.

Here's hoping for more sunshine.

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