Friday, 19 February 2016

Let battle commence . . . .

This week has been a battle.
I have been battling against technology.
I hope its not just at my house but it can be exhausting, trying to get your children to do something other than 'Technology'

Today we've been playing out, 
today we've made a 'Unique Bird Table'

My son enjoyed using power tools and I still have all my fingers!!! 
(You hold the wood Mum and I'll drill it!!)

By the time I was trying to weave in the 'trimmings from the garden' my son had wandered off, waving branches round chatting away about . . . . . well everything!!
Even though we where both absolutely frozen we really enjoyed ourselves.

In a bid to stay away from technology we have also:
Been for a family walk.
Cycled to my Mum & Dads (and cycled back).
Visited the garden centre.
Shopped for bike accessories.
Visited friends.
Enjoyed the sun at Beacon Fell.

Ooh and been out for Ice cream.

So am I alone in the battle with technology,
Are other parents not worried about the time children spend on technology?
How much time is OK?
What else can you do on a wet February day?


  1. I do like the bird table, and you do looked to have had a nice week with the children, mine are both over the age of doing much with their parents, so make the most of it. Having said that I have spent some time with my oldest son taking him out for driving lessons.
    When they are still up at three, four in the morning on their computer!!! Now that will drive you mad..
    Have a lovely week..
    Amanda xx

    1. Just the thought of driving lessons .......well it fills me with dread. Hope your lessons are going well and your still on speaking terms!!! Sarah

  2. Oh how great is that?
    Thanks for the great idea !!!!
    Rainy greetings