Sunday, 28 December 2014

Frost. . . .

Well the wrapping paper is all bagged up and the presents are spread around the house.
The cupboards are still full of 'Christmas food' that no one can face eating. There is still enough alcohol for a party (which we are not having).

This morning I ventured out before the rest of the house was even awake.
There was a beautiful frost on the grass and a glorious blue sky.

The garden looks beautiful covered in frost, but a little neglected. This year I even forgot to bring in my summer bunting. 

If I don't pop back in before New Years Eve, I will wish you all a Happy New Year in advance.
Hoping 2015 brings you joy, health and happiness.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Christmas

What can I say, where has the time gone!! I had planned lots of posts during December but. . . . . .I didn't do them.

I've been busy, going places, sewing, crafting, baking, etc and I've taken photos ready to blog but never quite got around to it.

So from me and  'The Elves' I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Dominic. . . . . .

How many projects can you juggle at once?

I really need to stop adding things to my list. The latest addition was a reindeer head.

I found this on Pinterest so didn't even look at the printable template ......

I sketched out the shape then got out the very sharp knife!!!

Luckily my other half had brought home some old boxes from work.

Had I printed out the template my reindeer head would have been a manageable size, lets just say 'its bigger than I thought!!!'

Some of my family (I won't mention my sisters name) are very derogatory about my crafting, its all in good humour and taken very well. But she did joke that I was making a donkey head, now we are all referring to it as a donkey head. It also has an accompanying song thanks to my daughter.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

The last sun of November.

Beware - lots of photos!!

Today the sun shone, I couldn't stay indoors!!!
So I dragged persuaded the family out for a walk.

We headed for a small village nearby.

I took many walks in this village as a child with my Grandma and it was lovely reminiscing.

We forgot the bread for the duck. . . . . .

We passed 'The chair works', which was always busy as a child but now lies empty

The hustle and bustle of the village I remember as a child is all gone. We didn't see many people even though it was a beautiful day. Maybe we'll head back in the summer . . . . 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Planning. . . .

Ooh I'm really mad!
Just when you feel you are making progress, you realise you haven't followed the plans!!

Yes the plans where in my head but I was occasionally looking at a picture on the Internet.

But I've gone too far and cannot go back. . . . 

All the windows are ready to go in. . . .

Will Peppa Pig realise the door is on the wrong side of the house?

Will my Niece realise Peppas door is in the wrong place?

Ooh that's enough for today, I'm not fitting any more windows. . . 

P.S Do you think it matters?
I think I need another cup of tea!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Annual Pilgrimage

So this weekend we had our annual trip to Harrogate. The car was full of people, food and lots of chatter, so the journey didn't feel too long.

Although I took my camera, this years photos are courtesy of my Daughter who was snapping away all day (some quite random shots . . . )

Lots to see, lots to buy, lots and lots of people!!!

I don't currently have 'A project' in mind so I came home with several random fat quarters of fabric, with no idea what I'm making. 

This morning I've woken up full of a cold, so I'm heading for the sofa with a cup of tea. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lets not think about school.

Keeping busy. . . . 

Enjoy the 'beach side'. . . .

Look for treasure . . . . 

Don't mention school. . . 

We have attempted to tackle the 'school' issues this week. We've  had meetings with school and put into place some 'plans'. We've also borrowed and bought loads of books about 'anxiety issues'. 
So wish us luck for this week.

P.S. Maybe soon I'll do some sewing. . . . 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Breathing space. . . .

The start of the new term has not been without problems. Before the half term holidays my little boy was very reluctant to go to school. 
We put in down to being ready for a break and hoped the holidays would help.

But it didn't.
We've spent the weekend trying to fill his time and take his mind of monday.

On Saturday we headed out to Towneley Park in Burnley.

We almost had the place to ourselves.

The children attempted to kick the leaves at each other and listening to them laughing gives me hope that the tears we have before, during and after school won't last forever.

And lastly, I never knew fireworks where so hard to photograph? 
 I had loads of photos of plain black sky, maybe next year!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Just popping in. . . . .

Back to school. . . . 

Wishing it was still half term. . . . 

Counting the days until weekend. . . . 

I definitely need another cup of tea. . . . . 
Still knitting. . . . . 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Half way. . . . .

Well, we are almost half way through half term and I'm just popping in to say Hi!!
This week so far we have, been on a bicycle ride, been out for ice cream, visited friends and family, put up our Halloween decorations, got our pumpkins, played with & cleaned out our pets and been to the local countryside park.

The trip to the country park was summed up by a new art installation:

I tried to pause to read the information about it but I was going to be left behind.

The weather stayed fine for the morning, with just a few spots of rain when we got back to the car.

We always enjoy our visits

Now we are about to carve our pumpkins. . . . . better get the first aid kit out.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Foxy (part two)

When I've made quilts in the past I've just backed them in fleece fabric. This is great for washing, warm enough for on your knee on the sofa or on top of your bed.

This time when I tried to sew the fleece on the back of my foxy quilt it was a disaster. The beige fabric was 'linen look' so it behaved differently to other fabric I've used before. Hence lots of unpicking...

To try and stabilize the front I got some more fabric. Then I hand stitched the quilt front to the fabric. 

Then with My fingers crossed I again started to stitch it to the fleece.

Progress was much better this time with almost no unpicking.

Finally I hand stitched the binding on and the quilt was finished.

Then today we had an inset day, so my assistant helped me get a photo.

The sewing machine is packed away for half term so any craft activities will have to be knitting. 
(I have a half finished knitting project somewhere. . . . . .)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Foxy (part one)

Well more cutting this week.

Trying to stay organised. . . . 

Then finally I was ready for the sewing.

Cutting  . . . . . 

Iron flat. . . . 

More cutting. . . . 

More sewing

Some final cutting!

Then assemble

The table did get a bit messy

The front was finished this morning.

Then onto the fleece backing

Then lots of unpicking, ooh bother. The top and bottom of the quilt are not behaving. . . 
Not sure what to do now....
After the un picking. . . 
What to do??