Friday, 24 October 2014

Foxy (part two)

When I've made quilts in the past I've just backed them in fleece fabric. This is great for washing, warm enough for on your knee on the sofa or on top of your bed.

This time when I tried to sew the fleece on the back of my foxy quilt it was a disaster. The beige fabric was 'linen look' so it behaved differently to other fabric I've used before. Hence lots of unpicking...

To try and stabilize the front I got some more fabric. Then I hand stitched the quilt front to the fabric. 

Then with My fingers crossed I again started to stitch it to the fleece.

Progress was much better this time with almost no unpicking.

Finally I hand stitched the binding on and the quilt was finished.

Then today we had an inset day, so my assistant helped me get a photo.

The sewing machine is packed away for half term so any craft activities will have to be knitting. 
(I have a half finished knitting project somewhere. . . . . .)


  1. It looks amazing and such a great idea to back with fleece. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your quilt looks wonderful.....
    Amanda xx