Sunday, 5 October 2014

A nice place to drink tea!!

Sat in the sun drinking tea and I had an idea!! Wouldn't it be great to have a side door in our garage, making it easy to nip in and out. Maybe enjoy some winter sun sat inside (I realise the garage is STUFFED with junk, but I can dream)

The old window is ready to fall out, way past a little filler and a coat of stain.

Cut to later in the week, all the junk is sheeted up and the window has gone.

By the end of day one we had our garage side door!

Day two the wall had been built back up, the bunting was back in place and the pots had a reshuffle. 

Now that's a better place to drink tea!!

p.s. We have had the door and window for weeks just waiting to go in.
p.s  A big Thankyou to my Dad for his building assistance, without it we couldn't have done it.
p.s A big Thankyou to our Aunt & Uncle for the window and door, recycled from there house.
p.s. No comments from my family on the best way to get rid of our junk, I know you all think a skip will be needed!!!

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  1. Its wonderful and great that family have helped to make a dream come true.