Sunday, 9 November 2014

Breathing space. . . .

The start of the new term has not been without problems. Before the half term holidays my little boy was very reluctant to go to school. 
We put in down to being ready for a break and hoped the holidays would help.

But it didn't.
We've spent the weekend trying to fill his time and take his mind of monday.

On Saturday we headed out to Towneley Park in Burnley.

We almost had the place to ourselves.

The children attempted to kick the leaves at each other and listening to them laughing gives me hope that the tears we have before, during and after school won't last forever.

And lastly, I never knew fireworks where so hard to photograph? 
 I had loads of photos of plain black sky, maybe next year!!!


  1. Poor wee soul, how miserable for him and the family. I hated school from primary one till I left at fifth year. As I've grown up I have continued my learning and am a professional educator as I was able to study what I wanted and to learn on my own terms.
    I survived and endured my school years and feel for your son. School is a part of life but not life itself and with your support your son will hopefully be able to open up regarding what is distressing him and to work with you to find a way to resolve or manage the issue. Thinking of you.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. As a mum, sending a unhappy child to school is heartbreaking. But hopefully this 'blip' will go as quickly as it came, fingers crossed!! Sarah

  2. Hope all goes well, poor thing It must be hard.

    1. It's really difficult, as a mum, to know that you can't magically fix it. We just have to work through it and hope we start to have more good days than bad days. Sarah