Friday, 28 November 2014

Planning. . . .

Ooh I'm really mad!
Just when you feel you are making progress, you realise you haven't followed the plans!!

Yes the plans where in my head but I was occasionally looking at a picture on the Internet.

But I've gone too far and cannot go back. . . . 

All the windows are ready to go in. . . .

Will Peppa Pig realise the door is on the wrong side of the house?

Will my Niece realise Peppas door is in the wrong place?

Ooh that's enough for today, I'm not fitting any more windows. . . 

P.S Do you think it matters?
I think I need another cup of tea!


  1. The big question is will it bother YOU! People tell me the stuff I've made is great etc but all I can see is the flaw or too tight stitch etc. So only redo it if it is going to really offend your eye, if not, then it is grand!

    1. I've stopped work on the house!! Although it will bug me that the doors in the wrong place, I don't have the time (or inclination) to remake it. I think sometimes, like you say, you can be over critical about your own work. Sarah