Sunday, 30 November 2014

The last sun of November.

Beware - lots of photos!!

Today the sun shone, I couldn't stay indoors!!!
So I dragged persuaded the family out for a walk.

We headed for a small village nearby.

I took many walks in this village as a child with my Grandma and it was lovely reminiscing.

We forgot the bread for the duck. . . . . .

We passed 'The chair works', which was always busy as a child but now lies empty

The hustle and bustle of the village I remember as a child is all gone. We didn't see many people even though it was a beautiful day. Maybe we'll head back in the summer . . . . 


  1. It does look quiet... maybe everyone was out making the most of the Black Friday bargains (many places seem to have dragged it out over the entire weekend).
    We were out at Brockholes today and the weather was glorious. And tomorrow or Tuesday evening we'll be up your way again, to collect a (hopefully repaired) car from Ribchester.
    Lancashire's a lovely part of the world isn't it?
    S x

    1. If your heading to ribchester with Joe, check out the park! It's great for all ages and even better during school hours as you often have it all to yourself. Sarah

  2. Looks a lovely place for a walk, I would quite like the fact it was quiet..
    Amanda xx

    1. I remember being with my Grandma and it being busy with people going to the little shops. She knew everyone and they always passed the time of day, chatting about the weather and alsorts. Now the shops are all nearly gone and we saw very few people, no kids playing out. It just seemed sad and empty. Sarah