Monday, 12 November 2012

Mittens for kittens (for me actually)

So following on from my last post I would love to show you my table runner. Sadly no, I didn't start it. But I did purchase some grey wool and knit myself some mittens!!!!

The idea was for some plain mittens with some pink spots. After a couple of hours on ravelry I had two patterns which I would adapt as I went along. (Bad idea for a novice knitter)

The first cuff I attempted three times, having to pull back in between.

The second cuff went well until I realise I was on the bigger needles (required for the main body of the mitten) so I had to pull that back. I really hate knitting two because they have to be the same!!

I won't show you the other side, but with all the loopy wool I thought I better have a lining. I would have used some fleece but I don't have grey, so I knit a liner. (you can just see it under the mitten)

So over to my glamorous assistant (and a gloomy kitchen, well it was late when I finished!!)

So today I will try out my new mittens on the school run. If I'm feeling fun I will have the patterned side showing or if I feel the Monday blues I will have the plain side showing.

I better go (no point going on the school run if the children are still in bed!!)


  1. ah they look great, super cute!

  2. They look ever so lovely and I bet super comfy and warm.

  3. Love the mittens and the colours you chose to make them in.I also like the fabrics on the left, in your previous post. I have made a tablecloth in a pink version of the flower print fabric.