Saturday, 14 September 2013

No, I'm not a knitter!

 So the week started with this. . . .

I spotted a knitting pattern for a hat somewhere in blogland. I restarted my Ravelry account and located the pattern. Its the Houzuki Hat by Yoko Johnston. In my stash of wool I found a ball of grey double knit and also the double pointed needles. What could go wrong. . . .

Well it turns out (for me) double pointed knitting is in no way relaxing. The pattern didn't look right and I knew I couldn't go on. . . .

Off to the local craft shop for some circular needles and I also got some more wool. The original wool was only a 'part' ball, so I wasn't sure how far it would go.

Off we go again. This time the pattern still didn't look right (deja-vu moment!) although it was easier to knit on the circular needles.

Then I had a light bulb moment when I re-read the pattern, it all made sense . . . what do you do then?

You start again!!!!  

I'm ready to start the pattern section now. Wish me luck!
(tonight I will tell my family not to talk to me and then I will begin chanting the pattern outloud to enable me to knit the next part of the hat, it does confirm my original thought - no I'm not a knitter)

The worrying thing is I don't really wear hats, well not for the last 25 years anyway. . . 

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  1. Well it looks good so far, my mum can..I have tried and tried.. nope not happening in this life time.I have always said when I come back I want to be able to knit and play the piano.